After his resignation as President of Hertha BSC, Werner Gegenbauer made serious allegations against million-dollar investor Lars Windhorst.

“In the past few weeks, in the middle of the relegation battle, he has set the club on fire.

Windhorst is responsible for a split that has unsettled the club and all departments.

It will be the task of my successor to reverse this split," Gegenbauer told the Tagesspiegel.

Gegenbauer had announced his resignation on Tuesday after 14 years at the top of the association and had thus preempted a humiliating vote-out at the general meeting next Sunday (11:00 a.m.).

Windhorst, among others, called for Gegenbauer to fall in March and accused the entrepreneur of having burned his investment of 375 million euros at Hertha.

Magath: "Maybe change everything"

Gegenbauer now accused Windhorst of mood-mongering.

"He lures by giving more money when the club gets a new leadership," he said.

In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, Gegenbauer emphasized that he and the outgoing financial director Ingo Schiller stood in the way of the 45-year-old in order to gain more influence over the operational business of the Bundesliga club.

At the same time, he did not always meet his payment obligations on time, which "has caused considerable turbulence in the license player department," said Gegenbauer.

Windhorst is expected to respond to the allegations on Wednesday.

The financial expert had also accused Gegenbauer of cheating, which the former Hertha boss firmly rejected.

“In short: everything went correctly.

Those are the facts," said the 71-year-old.

Despite the harsh words, Gegenbauer described the deal with Windhorst as the best decision of his tenure.

"I would do it again.

Firstly, because Hertha BSC urgently needed this money for change as a club and company.

Without this money we would be worse off.

And secondly, because I believe in the advantages of an investment," said Gegenbauer.

In the future, the cooperation will be "quieter and more harmonious".

Interim coach Felix Magath has meanwhile recommended urgent changes to Hertha BSC.

He can only advise taking the opportunity and realizing that the season, even if it ended happily, was a bad season, the 68-year-old said in an interview with "Bild".

"And it wasn't the first bad season, it was the third in a row.

That should finally be the point where you are ready to change a lot, maybe everything,” explained Magath.

Hertha avoided relegation to the second Bundesliga on Monday evening with a 2-0 win in the relegation second leg at Hamburger SV.

Magath reiterated that he would not stay with the Berliners as a coach.

However, he announced a fundamental interest in working as a coach again.

"I'm totally free, totally detached about my future," he said.

I feel completely comfortable with him and look forward to the days off.

"It was really nine very exhausting and demanding weeks," he admitted.

A comeback on the coaching bench is still conceivable: "It cannot be ruled out that I will reappear somewhere."