China News Service Client, Beijing, May 24th (Wang Hao) With the end of a relatively unsuccessful season for Manchester United, the new head coach Ten Hag also officially took over as Manchester United's coach recently.

For Ten Hag, being able to become the head coach of a world-class football giant is of great significance, but it remains to be seen whether he can clean up the "mess" of Manchester United.

Image source: Manchester United official blog.

  For Ten Hag, the workplace that is about to enter is called "hell mode".

The simple summary is: a large amount of investment is worthless, and the old Yen is chattering;

big investment

  During this year's season, "Marca" once took stock of the highest paid players in Europe's five major leagues.

In the Premier League, Manchester United occupies 5 of the 10 highest-paid players, of which the top 5 occupy 4.

From the salary level, Manchester United seems to be the overlord of the Premier League.

  However, at the end of the season, Manchester United only ranked sixth in the Premier League and almost fell out of the Europa League.

Obviously, from a performance point of view, Manchester United's investment is relatively unsuccessful.

  The income and performance of modern clubs are very important. Even if the performance is not good, so many big-name players gather together and continue to increase the traffic. Manchester United should always be able to make money, right?

Manchester United players.

  In March, Manchester United released its financial results for the quarter ended December last year.

It shows that Manchester United's debt has increased from 455 million pounds a year ago to 494 million.

This result is due to a combination of reasons, but the reality is that Manchester United also seem to be unsuccessful in making money.

  Ten Hag is now taking over such a project, and a huge number of Manchester United fans are looking forward to him turning the tide, and the pressure can be imagined.

old Japanese babble

  Ten Hag was the head coach of Ajax in the Eredivisie before taking charge of Manchester United and achieved good results.

But at the beginning of his tenure, he received the "advice" of Manchester United star Neville.

Screenshots of fan comments.

  Neville has publicly stated that he appreciates Ten Hag's success in Ajax, Ajax has invested more than other Eredivisie clubs, and the same is true of Manchester United, but Manchester United has not yet achieved results.

Ten Hag will take a while to get used to, Manchester United is a big club, saddled with expectations from the media and fans.

  Neville's remarks seem to be okay, but the fans do not pay the bill. They believe that the speeches of these Manchester United legends on the sidelines are not conducive to Manchester United's return to the right track.

  Indeed, looking back on the past season, Manchester United's poor performance was accompanied by a lot of criticism from famous players, which brought pressure to the team.

In April of this year, when Manchester United was in trouble both at home and abroad, the famous Scholes even publicly broke the news: Lingard told me that the atmosphere in the Manchester United locker room was sloppy.

Screenshot of video data.

  Is it because Scholes loved Manchester United so much that he took the "collapse therapy" taught in Zhao Benshan's sketch?

  It is foreseeable that Ten Hag's future coaching process will still be accompanied by the "opinions and suggestions" of the celebrities.

But how?

After all, they are all elders.

The boss can't handle it

  Ten Hag's immediate boss is naturally the management of Manchester United.

In what has been such a precarious season for United, as the club's helmers, they have failed to steer the honoured but scarred ship back on the right course.

  In November last year, Manchester United boss Solskjaer was sacked due to poor performance, and his successor was interim coach Rangnick.

Solskjaer under Manchester United.

Image credit: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  Recently, some media reported that after Solskjaer was dismissed, Manchester United had the opportunity to introduce Conte to coach, but eventually failed to cooperate because the management believed that Conte "demanded too much from the players".

Conte then joined Tottenham, leading Tottenham in fourth place in the league and qualifying for the Champions League.

  Manchester United are still in bad shape after transition manager Rangnick took over, and the relationship between him and the players is also delicate.

In addition, media reports said Rangnick was confused about the management's signing decision and did not agree with some of the high-paying contracts given by the team.

It looks like he's sandwiched between management and the players, and the job isn't easy.

  If the previous working situation is like this, will the situation improve after Ten Hag takes over?

No one can give an exact answer now, but I believe that he is mentally prepared.

Screenshots of fan comments.

  In the final round of the Premier League this season, Ten Hag witnessed Manchester United's loss to Crystal Palace.

Some fans have made up for his mental activity based on his expression at a certain moment.

This is of course not scientific, and a momentary expression can't represent anything, but it shows that fans know how difficult this job is.

Team intrigue and fight

  Of course, the most direct reason for Manchester United's failure this season is that the players are estranged, and the team's locker room is almost "exploded".

Earlier, the "Sun" reported that two Manchester United players had a serious argument after training in early May, and other players were "shocked" by the scene.

  Although there is no official news from Manchester United on this matter, fans easily chose to believe it.

After all, Manchester United this season seems to be in an atmosphere of infighting at any time.

De Gea.

  After the team's final-round loss to Crystal Palace, Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea said in an interview that the best thing about the day is that the season is over.

This season, Manchester United's defensive performance has been disappointing. As a goalkeeper, De Gea has repeatedly made difficult saves. At that time, his mood was probably like that movie line: Destroy, tired.

  And De Gea, who has always been good-natured, also said: "Let the players who want to stay stay, and those who don't want to stay, go, you don't have to stay here." This shows how bad the atmosphere in Manchester United is. .

  After Ten Hag became Manchester United's coach, how to choose players, how to establish the core, and how to adjust the atmosphere can be described as shocking step by step. After all, there are many big names in the team, and no one is a "soft persimmon".