Tomoya Mori, who was a professional baseball catcher from Seibu and had broken his right index finger and left the battlefield, was registered as a player in the 1st Army on the 24th.

After being replaced in the match on the 2nd of last month, Mori broke his right index finger when he returned to the player's locker and threw the catcher's mask, and his registration as a player in the 1st Army was deleted.

After that, the injury recovered, and from the 11th of this month, he made adjustments such as returning to the actual battle for the first time in about 5 weeks in the game of the 2nd army, and was registered as a participant of the 1st army on the 24th.

Mori is a catcher who won the title of the top batter in the season three years ago and has a strong bang such as shining in the Pacific League MVP. Returning to is likely to be a great support for offense and defense.

In addition, Nien Ting Wu, who was infected with the new coronavirus, and O'Grady, who had returned to the United States for the birth of his wife, were also registered as participants in the 1st Army on the 24th.