• The extension of Kylian Mbappé for three years at PSG has sparked a lot of reactions from all sides.

    A few hours later, Karim Benzema, his teammate in the France team posted a photo of the crest of Real Madrid and especially of the American rapper Tupac Shakur, murdered in 1996.

  • Many Internet users have seen in this image a reference to Kylian Mbappé, justifying that this image showed Tupac Shakur with a friend who would have betrayed him, causing his assassination.

  • The individual in question is not identified and does not correspond to any of the rapper's friends or relatives.

    According to a biographer of Tupac Shakur, this rumor would even be very recent and would add to the many legends surrounding his death.

On Saturday evening, Kylian Mbappé confirmed that he was staying at Paris Saint-Germain for three more years.

Highly anticipated on the side of Real Madrid, the French striker caused a real earthquake in the world of football and the reactions multiplied.

Several players from the Spanish club reacted by posting messages indirectly, but not very subtly, addressed to the PSG player, recalling the "greatness" of the Madrid club.

But the publication that caused the most stir remains Karim Benzema's Instagram story.

Normal, the two attackers play together in the France team and show a natural complicity since the return in blue of the latter.

In one of the images, we can see Karim Benzema's hand, a finger in the air pointing to the Real Madrid crest, just like what his teammates did.

But it is the following, more enigmatic, which agitated the followers of football.

This post shows a photo of American rapper Tupac Shakur shaking hands with actor Stephen Baldwin.

Behind the rapper, murdered in 1996, we can see another person, staring at the camera.

And it is this person who interests on social networks: "The story of Benzema, Tupac and his friend having betrayed him... the problems arrive in the France team", "Benzema posted in story Tupac with his friend who betrayed… I hope that the extension of Kylian will not spoil the atmosphere in EDF “… For Internet users, this image where we would see Tupac with a friend who betrayed him would be a message for the attention of Kylian Mbappé, who would then be the friend who committed betrayal.


If the theory of the friend who betrayed, in the photo, seems to be unanimous among Internet users, no one ever mentions his name.

Nor even betrayal for that matter.

Because the history of Tupac Shakur is interspersed with several rumors of betrayal.

In 1994, when the rapper went to Quad Recording Studios in New York, he was attacked by men in the lobby.

He will receive five bullets including one in the head and all his jewelry will be stolen.

Transported to the hospital, he will miraculously pull out of it.

Tupac Shakur will then suspect rappers Sean Combs (P.Diddy) and Notorious BIG, whom he was to find for a recording, of having ordered his assassination against a backdrop of musical competition and jealousy.

He will also have doubts about his friend Randy "Stretch" Walker, who accompanied him and who could have been part of the plot.

A gang leader, Haitian Jack, to whom Tupac was close, will also be suspected by the FBI of being behind this attack.

In 2011, a murderer also accused agent James Rosemond of paying him to steal the rapper's diamond ring.

All have always denied their involvement in this attack and its origin remains unknown.

An unsolved murder

Two years later, in 1996, Tupac Shakur was in Las Vegas to attend a Mike Tyson boxing match.

Later in the evening, while driving to a club in the city with his producer Suge Knight, a car stops at their level at a red light and a man shoots the rapper numerous times. later died in hospital.

Suge Knight is also injured, hit by shrapnel.

Notorious BIG, former friend turned rival, will be accused again, which was never proven.

Suge Knight's track will also be considered in many rumors.

The sponsors of this assassination are, even today, still unknown.

All the characters quoted here, all friends or collaborators of Tupac at one time, were entitled to rumors of a betrayal towards Tupac Shakur.

However, none of them physically resembles, directly or indirectly, the character present in the photograph posted by Karim Benzema.

A fantasy that adds to the long list

Questioned by

20 Minutes

, Maxime Delcourt, cultural journalist and author of

2Pac: Me Against The World

(Edition Le Mot et le reste, 2016), the rapper's biography, also deflates this rumor: "The death of 2Pac aroused a great number of fantasies […] I have the feeling that he is one more legend, especially since […] his name is never mentioned.

“If the photograph is well known to Tupac fans, this rumor is very recent according to the biographer: “Apart from a blog at the time of writing my book, I had never heard of this story.


A big fan of the American rapper, Karim Benzema knows his story very well and it is unlikely that he sees here the meaning that some Internet users wanted to give him.

Moreover, questioned this Tuesday by the Spanish football media

El Chiringuito

, the French striker denied any link with Kylian Mbappé, justifying that he regularly posted photos of Tupac Shakur.

He also wanted to deflate a hypothetical resentment towards his teammate at the Blues: “I prefer not to speak.

I'm not angry, I can just tell you that I'm focused on the Champions League final which is more important than listening to anything else.


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— El Chiringuito TV (@elchiringuitotv) May 24, 2022

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Earlier today, Kylian Mbappé had already calmed things down on this subject: “Of course, when I go back to the selection, I will explain to Karim why I stayed at PSG, because we have good relations.



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