Loco Solare, who won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics as a representative of Japan at the Japan Curling Championships in Kitami City, Hokkaido, beat the Sapporo Association and Fujikyu on the 24th, scoring a total of 4-0 in the qualifying league.

The Japanese Curling Championship is the third day of the qualifying league.

The women's Loco Solare played against the Sapporo Association, which participated in the wild card frame in the morning game, and Fuji-Q, which aims to win the championship for the first time in four years from 6 pm.

The match with the Sapporo Association was close, and Loco Solare, who scored two goals in the final 10th end, defeated the Sapporo Association, which was tenacious, 8-6.

In the match against Fuji-Q, he scored 3 points in the 8th end and won 8-5, and Loco Solare won the qualifying league four times in a row, with a total record of 4-0.

Loco Solare will face Fortius on the 25th, aiming for consecutive victories on the fourth day of the qualifying league.