This summer, Chinese basketball is the main "training card"

  The new Chinese men's basketball team has started training in Guangzhou, preparing for the World Cup window games at the end of June (Australia) and August (the location to be determined), as well as the Asian Cup in Jakarta in mid-July.

The Chinese women's basketball team has also begun to prepare for the Women's Basketball World Cup. Since the World Cup kicks off on September 22, the girls have been training for nearly 4 months.

  "This year's men's and women's basketball training list has selected 16 players each, instead of the nearly 30-strong training list in previous years. This is to prepare for this year's important events more accurately and efficiently." This is explained in the official announcement issued before the team training camp.

  From the list of training camps, not all outstanding players are included - Zhang Zhenlin of the men's basketball team, Li Yueru and Han Xu of the women's basketball team, all have not been selected because they are already overseas or are about to go to the United States.

But the Chinese Basketball Association expects them to return to the national team in a better state.

  Obviously, in this summer, the main task of the Chinese men's and women's basketball team is the World Cup window period and the World Cup main game.

However, how to prepare for the Chinese basketball under the epidemic will still face many challenges.

The previous "training + training + competition" model may not be possible.

Especially for the Chinese women's basketball team, which has a longer training time and a heavier competition task, it is more difficult to prepare for the game.

  Of course, this is not without compromises.

According to the analysis of the experience of the past two summers, it is far more efficient and convenient to invite teams to play in the country than to go to the venue of the event in advance, actively look for high-level teams to warm up, and then immediately enter the race.

However, the disadvantage of this is that the team has been stationed overseas for too long, and the players' thinking and psychological state are prone to fluctuations.

  "Everyone actually has a limit when they practice overseas," Jiao Jian, a former Chinese men's basketball player, told China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily. "After all, there will be discomfort in many aspects, including diet, and these It will keep adding up. Of course, the players are definitely more adaptable now than we were back then, but I will miss my family anyway."

  Likely to encounter similar problems with China's men's and women's basketball team, there are also China's three-person basketball national team - they will also participate in the World Cup in Belgium and the Asian Cup in Singapore this summer.

However, from another perspective, the Chinese men's and women's basketball national team and the three-man basketball national team are lucky, after all, they still have the World Series to participate in.

  According to the relevant information grasped by the reporter, the events that have been determined or basically determined to be abandoned are the U16 Men's and Women's Basketball Asian Championships, the U17 Men's and Women's Basketball World Cup and the U18 Men's Basketball Asian Championships.

In fact, the Asian Youth Championships of all ages have always been an important training ground for the growth of Chinese basketball talents.

Taking the U16 Asian Youth Championship that was set up in 2009 as an example, Guo Ailun, Zhou Qi, Hu Jinqiu and other core players of Chinese basketball have all played well in this event.

  But the current situation is that Chinese basketball is facing great challenges in the Asian-level U-series competitions, and the results in the world-level youth competitions are also declining all the way.

The last U19 World Youth Championship was in 2019. At that time, except for Guo Haowen, who is currently playing for the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team, the performance of the Chinese Men's Basketball Team was 16th, ranking last among all participating teams.

  Now, the epidemic has lasted for three years, and it will be another tough summer for the young players of Chinese basketball.

Players do not have a World Series to play, but opponents such as Australia, Japan, and South Korea all participate in Asian and world-level events.

The Chinese basketball, which is already at a low ebb, has reached a critical moment when it must self-renovate.

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Yang Fen Source: China Youth Daily