William Nylander was noted for three points in Tre Kronor's 7-1 crush against Norway.

SVT's expert Jonas Andersson thought it would be a completely different Sweden with the star on the ice.

At least in numerical superiority.

- He shows what a class player he is.

It is very good that Garpenlöv (Johan, the national team captain) plays him for two minutes, it means that Sweden gets its powerplay started.

That may be the difference now when it comes to the playoffs.

You can not have a powerplay that does not work and lacks tip.

This is what can be the difference between success and failure for Sweden.

Nylander comes from his best season with Toronto in the NHL and it can be seen in the self-confidence, thinks the SVT expert.

- He has always had good self-confidence but now he comes in with a huge self-confidence.

Then I think he did not make a great match.

In game five against five, he was quite pale.

But in powerplay he shows what a brilliant player he is, says Andersson.

CLIP: Nylander on his first World Cup match in Tampere (2022-05-22)

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William Nylander has scored a total of 35 points in 19 matches for Tre Kronor in the World Cup context.

Photo: Bildbyrån