Son Heung-min has always said that winning the team is more important than winning the top scorer.

To create a goal chance for Son Heung-min, the Spurs players devotedly played in the last game.

And when Son Heung-min finally made a new history, his teammates as well as the coach and fans were really happy as if he was doing his job.

Next is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


When Tottenham took the lead early, teammates started to support Son Heung-min in earnest.

Kane stepped back and made two decisive passes to Son Heung-min, and Klusevsky tried to pass to Son Heung-min with an empty goal in front of the goal, but the step got tangled and fell.

Finally, when Son Heung-min scored the 22nd goal after receiving Moura's heel pass, everyone embraced and cheered.

Moura, who helped out, was overjoyed and even climbed onto the facilitator.

[Conte/Tottenham Manager: All of my teammates tried to help Son Heung-min become the top scorer.

This means Son Heung-Min is not only a good player, but also a good person.]

Moura took a free kick instead of dedicated kicker Son Heung-Min, laying the groundwork for a fantastic mid-range gun that confirmed Son Heung-Min's top scorer title.

Coach Conte rejoiced as if he had scored the 23rd goal, and his teammates cheered passionately as he lifted Son Heung-min.

[Heung-Min Son/Tottenham striker: (During the ceremony) everyone hit me (as a congratulations) so I might have bruises when I wake up tomorrow] It

was an away game, but Tottenham fans' 'Heung-Min Son cheers' rang out,

[a wonderful goal] Hey, Son Heung-min~ Let's score one more goal!]

Son Heung-min thanked his fans and colleagues.

[Son Heung-min / Tottenham striker: Thank you for giving us an incredible season.

Let's achieve better results in the Champions League next year!]

Fans constantly shouted 'Sony' until Son got on the bus, and colleagues sent congratulatory messages once again on social media, conveying their passionate love for Son Heung-min.

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(Video editing: So Ji-hye, CG: Shim Soo-hyun, screen source: YouTube Made Too Football Chaser Mandol TV)