The dramatic long-distance duel on the last day of the Premier League made the headlines in Great Britain.

Following a two-goal deficit, Manchester City secured the English championship again with a late 3-2 win over Aston Villa thanks to double goalscorer Ilkay Gündogan.

Liverpool FC finished second in the table, a point behind City.

This is what the English media write:

The Telegraph: "Manchester City are Premier League champions.

But that simple, albeit magnificent, statement does not come close to capturing the desperation, the delirium, the unimaginable drama of that extraordinary comeback against Aston Villa that ultimately yielded their fourth title in five seasons.”

"Daily Mail": "That was a remarkable comeback.

Really remarkable.

The last man who was so important to Man City on the last day of the game now has a statue in front of the stadium.

Maybe one day Gündogan will get one too.

He scored two goals, the first and the last.

Everyone was important but Gündogan got the ball rolling and kept it rolling until City won the league.”

"Guardian": "By winning, Klopp's team ended the season as the only Premier League team at home without defeat and with an impressive 92 points.

In 24 of the last 29 seasons that would have been enough to win the championship.”

The Times: "For this season at least, a most illustrious rivalry has been decided.

Just as City and Liverpool have engaged in their struggle, they have taken football to a new level.

It was like the best of Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, beautiful and captivating, a head-to-head race that was a privilege for all viewers, and with a final act that had an intriguing narrative all of its own.”

Daily Mirror: One point short... again!

Liverpool beat Wolves but agonizingly lose in title race.”

The Sun: 'Man City narrowly deny Liverpool Premier League title on dramatic day'

The Independent: "With echoes of 2012, roar and relief, Manchester City celebrate their eighth English league title."