Chinanews client, Beijing, May 23 (Reporter Yue Chuan) In just 5 minutes, the championship of the Premier League this season was decided.

Image source: Manchester City official social media

  In the early morning of the 23rd, Beijing time, the 2021-22 Premier League season ended in an incredible way: Manchester City, which was once behind by two goals, made a big reversal within 5 minutes.

After beating Aston Villa 3:2, Manchester City finally beat Liverpool by 1 point and kept the league championship trophy in their own hands.

  The battle between Manchester City and Liverpool is not only the biggest highlight of this year's Premier League, but also the biggest suspense in the league.

Since the 2018-19 season, Manchester City have won a total of 355 points in the league, while Liverpool have scored 354 points in the same period, which is a close opponent.

  Before the final round of the season, Manchester City were one point ahead of Liverpool in the standings, with both teams playing at home in their last game.

Premier League standings this season

Game start.

  Against Aston Villa, coached by Liverpool legend Gerrard, Manchester City's start has not been ideal.

They had a space advantage in the first half, but they were slow to translate into goals.

On the contrary, in the 37th minute of the game, Cash jumped to the top to complete the goal and took the lead for the visiting team.

The score at half-time was 0:1, and the Etihad Stadium was full of tension.

  The camera turned to Anfield, and Liverpool fans were equally anxious.

While Mane's goal prevented the hosts from falling behind before half-time, the 1-1 scoreline was clearly far from enough.

Whatever the outcome of Manchester City's game, they themselves need a win first.

The game continues.

  When the old Liverpool player Coutinho scored a wonderful low shot in the 69th minute, the score was 0:2, and the Manchester City coach Guardiola, who was on the coaching bench, screwed up the just-opened mineral water bottle.

  At the same time, the Anfield stadium was full of people.

Coutinho's goal gave Liverpool fans the hope of reversing the title.

Miracle happened in the next game.

But this time, it chose to put on a blue coat.

Image source: Manchester City official social media

  From the 76th minute to the 81st minute of the game, from Gundogan, who came off the bench, completed a header, to Rodri's calm push, and then to Gundogan's outflanking brace in front of the goal... In just 5 minutes In time, Manchester City, who scored three goals in a row, reversed the plot.

The championship trophy, which seemed to have gradually flown away, was clenched tightly in their hands again.

  On the other hand, the goals of Salah and Robertson made Liverpool overtake, but it was not enough for them to win the Premier League championship.

competition is over.

Manchester City had the last laugh.

Image source: Manchester City official social media

  The thrilling reversal, the score of 3:2, is reminiscent of the miracle exactly ten years ago.

  On May 13, 2012, the final round of the Premier League of the season.

Manchester City, who can win the title as long as they win, are still 1-2 behind Queens Park Rangers after entering stoppage time.

  After Dzeko equalized the score, the real miracle came at 93 minutes and 20 seconds of the game-Aguero's golden goal made Manchester City achieve a super reversal, and once more than 40 years later, they won the league title again.

  Ten years later, "9320" has become one of the best moments in the Premier League that has been repeatedly mentioned by fans.

Today, Aguero's statue has stood outside the Etihad Stadium.

Under the watchful eyes of this hero, Guardiola led the "Blue Moon" and created another miracle that was enough to be recorded in the history of football.

Image Credit: Liverpool Social Media

  Counting this season, Liverpool have missed out on the Premier League title more than once with more than 90 points.

Although the results are bitter, it has proven their strength.

As Gundogan said after the game: "I want to pay tribute to Liverpool, they are great opponents. We have achieved each other and pushed the limits."​​​​

  Next season's Premier League, the most promising challenge to Manchester City is still Liverpool.

But before that, there is still an important honor waiting for them to fight for - the Champions League final in the early morning of May 29, Liverpool will compete with Real Madrid for the championship.