In the sumo summer place, Chiakiraku, Yokozuna and Terunofuji beat Ozeki and Mitakeumi, and won the 7th victory for the first time in 3 places with 12 wins and 3 losses.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Nishikigi won the Chiyotairyu with a close-knit victory and decided to win.

▽ In the sea of ​​Okinoumi, Meisei throws the sea of ​​Okinoumi well.

▽ Midorifuji is the shoulder of Tochinoshin.

▽ Aoiyama hits Kotoshoho.

▽ Terutsuyoshi is a stepping stone to Toryu.

▽ Kotoekō Mitsuru won by sticking out.

▽ Takarafuji is close to Takarafuji.

▽ Shosaru is pushed out to Toyoyama.

▽ Takashi's victory over Sadanoumi is won by Sadanoumi by scooping, and

Sadanoumi and Takashi's victory are both 11 wins and 4 losses.

Sadanoumi won the Fighting Fighting Award, and Takanosho won the Shukun-sho Award.

▽ Myogiryu to Endo is thrown by Endo.

▽ Tamawashi sticks out to Ichiyamamoto.

▽ Hokutofuji is close to Hokutofuji.

▽ In Wakamotoharu, Kotonowaka is close to Kotonowaka.

▽ Chiyoshoma won Takayasu with a good throw.

▽ Daieishō beat Shimanoumi with 11 wins and 4 losses.

Daieishō has won the Shukun-sho Award.

Shimanoumi lost.

▽ Kiribayama is a good twist on Hoshoryu.

▽ Wakatakakage pushes Abi into Wakatakakage.

Abi has lost.

▽ Ozeki / Takakeishō Ozeki / Masayo was overtaken by Takakeishō.

▽ Yokozuna / Terunofuji was beaten by Terunofuji in Ozeki / Mitakeumi.

Terunofuji won the championship for the first time in 3 places with 12 wins and 3 losses since last year's Kyushu place.