Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels started in the first place in the athletics game on the 21st for the first time in about a month and hit two hits.

Otani was hitting No. 3 recently, but Ward, who had a good hit at No. 1, hit the outfield fence in the defense of the previous day's game and was replaced on the way, so Otani was out of the starting lineup on this day, so Otani was 24 last month. He was the first designated hitter since the day and started in the starting lineup.

Otani made the first hit in three games by flying in the direction of third base, where no one was hit by a fastball in the latter half of the 150km range, and hitting the third base.

The second at-bat in the third inning was the first ground ball, and the third at-bat in the sixth inning with a one-point lead was the lead batter, who sharply hit the lower ball in the opposite direction and hit the base in front of the left.

After that, Otani returned to the home with a walk on bases loaded, and a timely hit came out, and the Angels added two points this time.

In the 4th at bat of the 7th inning, he hit the first ball and became a short ground ball, and with 2 hits in 4 at bats in this game, the batting average rose to 20%, 5 minutes and 5 minutes.

In the match, the Angels won 5-3 and stopped the losing streak with "4".