Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Shi Shaozong) Chinese boxing star Meng Fanlong ushered in his 18th career match in the United States yesterday.

In the match, the two sides played ten rounds, and Meng Fanlong was unanimously judged to lose to the former WBA and WBC world champion Pascal of Canada.

  Meng Fanlong is 1.90 meters tall and weighs 81 kg. He is the champion of the National Championship, the champion of the 81 kg class of the World Wushu Expo, the runner-up in the 81 kg class of the Asian Boxing Championships, and the 81 kg class champion of the 12th National Games. After retiring and turning professional boxing , with a professional record of 17 wins and ten KOs, and currently ranks first among Chinese professional players, a left boxer.

  This was a tough fight. In the early stages of the game, although Meng Fanlong used his movement and jab to gain a certain advantage, Pascal's power suppression caused Meng Fanlong a lot of trouble.

In the end, the two sides played ten rounds, and the referee unanimously ruled that Meng Fanlong was defeated.