Sejinya Sejingya, a professional soccer player from Daegu, joined the 50-50 club.

This is the 12th record in history.

The tight balance was broken at Sejinya's toes.

The corner kick was delivered to the front of the goal in Gangwon, drawing a perfect trajectory, and Kim Jin-hyuk accurately received it with his head.

After recording his 50th assist, the three Jingyas joined the 50-50 club for the 12th time in history.

While Lamas scored a key goal with a fantastic left-footed shot, Se Jin-ya assisted Jung Tae-wook once more with a sophisticated free kick, leading to a 3-0 victory.

Jeonbuk defeated Suwon FC 1-0 thanks to Kim Jin-gyu's winning goal and jumped to second place.