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"The club's objective is to enter the Champions League, but ours is to become champions."

So that this message from

Diego Pablo


, slipped in the previous one, is not a phrase on the air, Atlético will have to show the face with which it raffled, already in the second half, its last obstacle towards the podium.

With two slaps, he moved Real Sociedad out of his way and ended up securing that third place that seemed nothing more than a chimera back in February.

Last night he went on vacation knowing that it was reality.

Given what happened during the first act in San Sebastián, no one would have doubted that the third place was at stake, either because of the honor or because of the seven million that came with it, it was Real Sociedad.

Atlético was overtaken by the game, the speed and the impetus of the locals, who had nothing at stake.

Those of Simeone were saved by the fact that the local tusk was rather blunt.

Just one year after that magical afternoon in Valladolid, where

Luis Suárez crowned Atlético, the rojiblancos found themselves trying to tie the knot to that third place from which


has never dropped

in his entire seasons.

However, it was Real who took command and who could have done a lot of damage before the break.

It was Rafael,


, who failed to calibrate his sights.

First, after a personal move by

Sorloth , that he always had


in check


His shot ended up kissing Oblak

's left post


Later, after a rude error by


, pressured by


, with a shot that whistled the visiting goal.

And Remiro went happy and content to the locker room, since neither


nor Cunha, the visiting strikers, entered their domains.

Nor Carrasco, whose incursions were cut off by




successfully rocked the ball in the midfield of San Sebastian.

Hundreds of kilometers from there, on the Pizjuán lawn, everything was still the same.

The awakening

But since football is about what it is, about forcefulness, about impudence, Atlético did not care about all the doubts that it had left behind.

The first glimpse of him, of


, just out of the locker room, ended up hitting the crossbar.

The next one, by

De Paul

, vital for the red and white cause in the last sprint, unceremoniously penetrated through Remiro's squad.

One of those shoes that he distilled when he was trading on the rise in Italy.

Griezmann, who they don't forget in San Sebastián, could have settled the matter, but the goal has long since denied him the greeting.

His sacrifice is undeniable.

He was an Atlético with another face, with another more threatening demeanor.

You always have to get serious to close any game.


would take out the pen to seal the contract, despite the final intrigue of



Sevilla won, but nothing mattered anymore.

Suárez's last night, in the rain, ended on a podium which is now customary.

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