• Olympique de Marseille beat RCSA 4 goals to 0 on Saturday evening in a Vélodrome stadium for great evenings during the last day of Ligue 1.

  • Thanks to an equalizer at the very end of the match (96th) from Lensois against Monaco, the Marseillais finished 2nd in the standings and will play in the Champions League next season.

At the Velodrome stadium,

An explosion of joy worthy of the feat.

Olympique de Marseille largely beat Racing Club Strasbourg Alsace 4 goals to 0 on Saturday evening at the Vélodrome stadium, during the last day of Ligue 1, thanks to goals from Gerson (30th, 86th), Under (72nd) and Bakambu (90th).

A victory that allows them to snatch second place and the Champions League, thanks to the Lensois draw against Monaco at the same time (2-2).

Supporters, like players, all exploded with joy on the Lensois equalizing goal, before the Champions League anthem sounded in the Vélodrome stadium just after the final whistle.

The Marseillais do the job, the Lensois even more

Jorge Sampaoli's men released the horses on Saturday evening to spank the Strasbourgeois (4-0).

Gerson quickly set the tone (30th), before being imitated by Under (72nd).

The Marseillais pushed to the end to hope to grab second place on goal difference, still with Gerson (86th), before Bakambu nailed the show (90th).

But it is ultimately the Lensois, by equalizing at the very end (96th) against Monaco (2-2), which offers a second place synonymous with qualification for the Champions League to the Marseillais.

Gerson, OM's handyman

Widely criticized upon his arrival, the Brazilian midfielder of OM, Gerson, managed to silence all the criticism against him in the space of six months.

His match against Strasbourg once again proves why.

Jorge Sampaoli's Swiss army knife, positioned on the left piston, showed the way to his teammates by opening the scoring at the half-hour mark. A goal he built himself by shifting to the left of the goals de Sels, before shooting the Alsatian goalkeeper.

Gerson was everywhere, in attack to shift his teammates, or in defense to cut the last pass.

And still there to score a double at the very end of the match (86th).

He will be OM's strongman next season without a doubt.

The Velodrome in Champions League mode

Marseille fans lived up to the importance of this game for the Champions League race.

Tifos, singing, smoke and even fireworks, the Vélodrome had a taste of the European evenings that OM will experience next season.

As always, the Marseille supporters were exemplary in pushing their team throughout the match, before being rewarded by the Lensois.

The madness first gripped the stands when Ganago equalized for Lens in the 96th minute, before spreading to the players on the pitch.

It promises for next season!


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