Oliver Solberg and the other drivers can expect a fast, but soft and sandy, surface.

Commentator: Johan Ejeborg.

Expert: Jonas Kruse.

World Rally Championship in Portugal

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Thanks for today!

Hope you are with us all weekend.

Now we charge for three x SS tomorrow.

08.30 = breakfast TV!

Johan Ejeborg

SVTCommentor motorsport SVT Sport

See photos from Oliver Solberg's morning in Portugal

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Maria Wallberg

SVTCommentator WRC

Yesterday 21:35

The sports car •

Fast cars

Yesterday 21:35

Fredrik93 •

Ott think when he drove Toyota then he could be 8 and the next distance he was top 1 then he was like Colin in my eyes he drove so far it went missing it

Yesterday 21:35

Gekå •


Was not known as a roller coaster even though I drove V4.

2 times in about: 100 competitions.


Yesterday 21:35

GunnarS •

I will be there !!



Yesterday 21:15

MarcusN •

@ Gekå did you roll more than you went?


Yesterday 21:14

Fredrik93 •

Ask Jonas Kruse who the new Colin macre is in your eyes

See previous answers

Jonas Kruse

Expert commentator

Yesterday 21:13

Fredrik93 •

To the experts do they get as hard as they did for Colin macre and the guys or does it cost too much now?

No one is allowed to drive like Colin did today, then they get fired :)

Jonas Kruse

Expert commentator

Yesterday 21:12

GunnarS •

Surely it feels like these Pirelli tires are holding up badly this year?

Then the drivers also seem annoying over the tires.

Or could it be that the higher power in the hybrids wears harder on the tires?

What does @kruse think?


Pirelli has for this competition developed a new tire that will be puncture safer ...

There are really bad roads really and nothing really holds for this ...

Then as you say more power and heavier cars than last year also come into play.

Jonas Kruse

Expert commentator