In the men's basketball B League, two games, the playoffs and the first round of the semi-final of the championship, were held, and Utsunomiya Brex and Ryukyu Golden Kings, who are aiming for the second victory, each won and took the lead in advancing to the final.

In the championship semi-final, the team that wins the first two wins the final.

In the first round, Utsunomiya, a wild card, played against Kawasaki Brave Thunders, who was second in the eastern district, and won 83 to 70.

In addition, Ryukyu, who is aiming for the first victory in the west area, played against Shimane Susanoo Magic, who was in the second place in the west area, and defeated it 94 to 85.

Round 2 of the semi-final will take place on the 22nd.