Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Sun Jiahui) Yesterday, Beijing time, the women's singles qualifying match for the French Open ended the final round. Chinese women's tennis player Zhu Lin eliminated Kuzmova in straight sets 7-5, 6-3 , advance to the main competition.

This is also the third time that Zhu Lin has qualified for the French Open. The previous two times were directly shortlisted by ranking.

  Four Chinese women's tennis players competed in the women's singles qualifying round of this year's French Open. Among them, Yuan Yue and Han Xinyun stopped in the first round, Wang Xiyu was eliminated in the second round, and Zhu Lin, ranked 99th in the world, passed two levels in a row and successfully entered the final. wheel.

In this game, Zhu Lin encountered a little resistance in the first set, and after winning 7-5, she was in a rut, and then won the game 6-3.

  So far, the 2022 French Open women's singles competition will feature five Chinese women's tennis players, Zhang Shuai, Zheng Qinwen, Wang Xinyu, Wang Qiang and Zhu Lin.