When project zero vision was started, a reason was identified, among other things, for a high statistic of concussions in women's hockey.

Low intensity during training made the players unprepared for the physical game in match situations.

For the past four seasons, more physical play has been allowed in the SDHL.

As a result, the concussion problem has decreased by 75 percent.

- The challenge is to change a behavior.

That you start to tackle.

That behavior does not really exist.

We'll get this started.

Everyone needs to be turned on now and start practicing this.

It is now that it must be done and not in six months, says the project manager for Project Zero Vision Morgan Johansson to SVT Sport.

- Hope this will fix that you do not look down at the puck but raise your eyes, because now there may be a tackle.

This was something I noticed when I went from playing with the boys to playing with the girls, says HV71's defender Mira Jungåker.

Widen the increase in damage

- It will be a key in the game for us in women's hockey, says Djurgården's forward Nicole Hall.

Tackles on open ice, also called north-south tackles will not be allowed.

During the trial period, the initiators and the leagues are prepared for a temporary increase in injuries, then the expectation is that the injuries will go down again.

- We have to have a little patience in it.

If it goes up a bit with the damage and it becomes a peak, then it goes down later.


But I will follow this up very closely, says Johansson.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the Women's Crowns

By allowing tackles in hockey on the women's side, Swedish ice hockey wants to take a step to get closer to the top nations internationally.

By developing the players' physical games, Damkronorna will become more effective internationally.

- It is much more natural than it has been before.

I think the creative game will develop, because it will require more of the players.

You get taken harder in the melee and learn to accelerate out of situations.

And to look up, says Damkronorna's national team captain Ulf Lundberg to SVT Sport.

- These are tough matches when you play against other countries and for us to be at their level, we need to bring in this tough game, Lova Blom concludes.