In the Makushita of the sumo summer place, the European Katsuma, who was born in Mongolia and is the fourth place from the first ring, won all seven races.

In the Makushita of the summer place, the Naruto stable Oka Katsuma and the Yamabiki room Kita Harima, who had won all six races, played against each other on the 13th day.

On the first day of the 13th day, the European winner won by throwing and won all seven races.

European Katsuma is 25 years old from Mongolia.

He won the National Student Championship, which was a 4th year student at Nippon Sport Science University, and became a "Student Yokotsuna".

The 4th place from his debut, now the 8th place in the eastern Makushita, was greeted with a strong push that made use of his height of 1 meter 87 cm and weight of 150 kg.

Katsuma Ou said, "I was nervous from yesterday night. I was wondering what to do because my body was stiff even in the morning training, but since it was the only one, I went up to the ring to take the plunge. It became. "

He also said that the promotion of Juryo was so strong that he said, "I'm glad that it's the first Sekitori in the room. I want to pull it as the head of the room and become Sekitori together."

On top of that, he said, "I'm aiming for a sumo wrestling that goes out in front of me, like Tsururyu's master. My dream is to go up in the Makuuchi and win the championship."

* "Hari" is "Ban" instead of "Stone"