The "alarm" of the Chinese Super League has not started

Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team players were unable to train normally on the 16th or affected the opening game with Shandong Taishan Team

  Shortly after the Chinese Football Association submitted the plan for the start of the new season of the Chinese Super League to the higher management, the Internet reported that the players of the Chinese Super League Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team did not participate in training due to long-term arrears of wages.

Judging from the situation reflected by various information channels, the situation even has the possibility of further development.

In fact, among the 18 clubs that have obtained access and qualifications for the Chinese Super League in the new season, there are not a few who have encountered financial difficulties of varying degrees, resulting in arrears of wages.

The "weaning" crisis not only makes the participants continue to feel uneasy, but actually poses a huge threat to the normal operation and image maintenance of the league.

  The two clubs of the Chinese Super League

  successive problems

  According to some media or media people, the first team players of Chongqing Liangjiang Club have not participated in training since May 16.

The vast majority of them are experiencing ongoing underpayments, some for more than a year.

  Judging from the current situation, the players of Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team are determined to return to the training ground only after being paid off by their owed wages.

However, if the 50 million yuan or other funds sponsored by Liangjiang Group cannot be put in place (the reason is that the club's account is blocked), then it will be impossible to pay off the arrears in the short term.

  The bad situation faced by Chongqing Liangjiang Club is embarrassing, but within the scope of the Chinese Super League and even the entire domestic professional football world, the club’s salary arrears has long been a common phenomenon in recent years.

Almost at the same time when the rumors of the players of the Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team's training strike were exposed, a certain southern Chinese Super League club received a notice on the 17th that the catering partner had "cut off the supply" of meals.

The reason is that the club has been in arrears with the partner for more than one year in a row, and the "advance payment" has overwhelmed the catering company.

  As for why the related fees are in arrears?

Everyone in the club knows that under the background of the club's shareholding reform that "only hears its voice, but does not hear its movement", the funds of the cooperative enterprises have not been in place so far, which has directly led to the club's failure to implement the normal payment of salaries for five consecutive months this year. .

After constantly receiving promises or IOUs that are difficult to fulfill, the enthusiasm of the majority of club practitioners, especially the players, has fallen to a low point.

At present, with the encouragement of the person in charge, the club is still actively participating in the preparations for the Chinese Super League in the new season.

However, if the travel expenses need to be paid in advance by individuals, and the various expenses after arriving in the competition area also need to be "on credit", it will be difficult to support such a struggling situation for a long time.

  Dilemma for the new season

  Chinese Super League poses some kind of threat

  The predicament encountered by the above two clubs is not only endangering the club, but also poses a certain threat to the upcoming new season of the Chinese Super League.

According to the start plan submitted by the Chinese Football Association to the higher management department, the new season of the Chinese Super League is expected to start on June 3.

Some media broke the news that the opening match of the new season of the Chinese Super League is likely to start between the defending champion Shandong Taishan team and Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team.

If the crisis of the Chongqing team cannot be quickly subsided, there are doubts whether the Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team can participate in the league normally.

Such a situation will definitely have an impact on the domestic professional leagues that are in urgent need of reorganization.

  It is also understood that some clubs have tried their best to reduce various operating expenses due to the lack of money.

Some club staff have been paying close attention to the start time of the league, the reason for which is to arrive at the competition area as late as possible, thus saving the club's participation costs.

  Chinese Super League regulations

  All salary arrears will be settled within this year

  In fact, taking into account the actual difficulties encountered by domestic professional football, especially the majority of professional clubs in the operation process, the Chinese Football Association issued an official notice in early April to determine the rules for professional clubs to pay back wages in the new season, and Set July 31, October 31, and December 31 as three "repayment" time nodes, which means that all salary arrears must be resolved by December 31 this year at the latest.

  According to the requirements of the "notice", clubs must settle no less than 30% of the arrears of wages by July 31.

Clubs that fail to repay on time will be subject to varying degrees of penalties ranging from "point deduction" to demotion to cancellation of registration, depending on the specific circumstances.

However, judging from various difficulties, especially the reality of some clubs with financial difficulties, no one can ensure that the club can pay off the arrears on time.

In fact, it is difficult to maintain the healthy survival of clubs at all levels only by relying on the "understanding" of the industry management department or by ignoring the rules.

  At present, although the organizers and management of professional league events are highly concerned about the survival crisis faced by the club, everyone knows the truth of "weaning without survival", and the club needs to mobilize all parties' efforts to alleviate the urgent need.

  Text/Photo courtesy of our reporter Xiao Xun/Visual China

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  Guoan arrives in the Meizhou Division to start quarantine Li Ke has returned to the team Dabro See you next week

  On the morning of the 18th, the Shanghai Shenhua team after the quarantine had started their first training session in the Dalian Division.

As the Beijing Guoan team that also went to the competition area ahead of schedule, what is the current situation?

It is understood that after successfully arriving in the Meizhou Division last weekend, the national security team is conducting on-site isolation in accordance with relevant epidemic prevention requirements.

According to the arrangement, after the 20th, the whole team is expected to start their training in the competition area.

  On Friday, the national security team departed from Beijing.

They headed to the Meizhou Division via Jieyang, Guangdong, and after arriving successfully, the entire team began to quarantine on the spot in accordance with strict epidemic prevention requirements.

It is understood that during the isolation period, the team members cannot leave their rooms, so everyone can only perform some physical training in the house to ensure physical fitness.

According to relevant arrangements, the national security team can be released from isolation as soon as the 20th, and the entire team will be able to carry out relevant training under the arrangement of the competition area.

  In terms of personnel, naturalized player Li Ke has ended his previous medical isolation and arrived in the competition area to join the team, while Croatian foreign aid Dabro is still in the quarantine period (arrived on the 3rd, quarantined for 21 days) and is still temporarily unable to communicate with everyone. To meet, he is most likely to arrive on the team around the 25th of this month.

That is to say, at this time next week, if all goes well, Guoan's last new aid will also arrive in the competition area. At that time, all Guoan players in the first stage of the Chinese Super League will be present.

  Text / Our reporter Zhang Kunlong

  Oscar Brazil to visit Exxon to return to Seaports as soon as July

  On May 18, Brazilian media reported that Oscar, a Brazilian foreign aid from the Chinese Super League Shanghai Haigang team, is currently in Brazil, and recently went to Gremio Club in the Brazilian second division to visit his former teammate and Chinese international Exxon.

It is understood that Oscar's family affairs are now nearly finished.

The Harbour Club has also started to help him go through the procedures for returning to China.

Affected by factors such as the epidemic and limited international travel conditions, Oscar may not be able to return to the Haigang team's preparation lineup before July, and there is a high probability of missing the first stage of the Chinese Super League.

  It is understood that Oscar has left Shanghai in early April this year.

According to information from the Harbour Club, the "Little Golden Man" temporarily left the team after asking for leave. The reason for the leave was that his family members were seriously ill and needed him to accompany him.

For Oscar's itinerary, the outside world has made different versions of speculation.

Some media speculate that he is currently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to accompany his seriously ill mother. Others say that he has returned to Brazil to accompany his family.

  However, judging from the information released by the Brazilian media, Oscar is indeed currently in Brazil.

It is understood that his family affairs are almost finished, and the Harbour Club has begun to assist him in the procedures for returning to China.

  On May 8, the Haigang team flew from Shanghai to Dalian, and then entered the China Super League Division.

According to the plan, the team will restart the training mode as soon as this week after receiving the necessary period of medical isolation observation at the station.

Since Oscar is not expected to return to the team until early July at the earliest, the coaching staff of the team must make tactical plans for the first stage of the competition.

  Text/Reporter Xiao Xun