No more prefabs and other ephemeral installations, make way for a real training center.

RC Strasbourg unveiled on Tuesday the first images of its future "Racing Soprema park performance center".

Linked to a naming partnership, with the Alsatian company specializing in waterproofing.

What will the place look like?

Everything will be grouped together next to the Meinau stadium, also near the Mutest academy dedicated to training.

On old car parks transformed since November 2020 into land, buildings will be built.

First modular from March 2023. They will be “able to accommodate the professional workforce on a daily basis.

They will be equipped with changing rooms, offices for staff and stewardship, medical areas, treatment rooms, hot and cold baths, a sauna, a catering area, a weights room and a rest room”, detailed the Strasbourg club.

But the construction will not be finished.

“In the years to come”, a permanent complex “of 1,800 m2 of footprint will be built to accommodate all the facilities”, announced Racing again.

At the same time, the stadium extension work will start in the coming weeks.

They will extend until 2025 and will increase the gauge from the current 26,000 places to 32,000.


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