The national football coach has not received the notice of "reporting the last 4 rounds of the top 12 leading work"

  To stay or to retreat?

Li Xiaopeng's "embarrassment" decision to change the coach of the national football team

  On May 14, the AFC announced through official channels that the 2023 Asian Cup, which was originally planned to be held in China, will be held in another location.

This result will undoubtedly have an impact on the subsequent work of the Chinese team.

Although the Chinese team does not have the opportunity to enter the Qatar World Cup finals, there is no competition task this year, but since the Asian Cup record is closely related to the competitive interests of the 2026 World Cup preliminaries, the preparations for the national team are still important.

  The answer to the question about whether the current coach Li Xiaopeng will stay or stay needs to be clarified as soon as possible, so that the team can find the direction as soon as possible and invest in the new cycle to prepare.

It is understood that since the end of the national football team's journey to the top 12 at the end of March this year, the team management has not publicly stated the issue of the current national football coaching team, which has also caused Li Xiaopeng to temporarily find himself in some kind of embarrassment.

  The identity of the national football host team no longer exists

  After the 2023 Asian Cup was confirmed to be held in another place, although the Chinese team, as one of the 12 teams that advanced to the second stage of the Qatar World Qualifiers and the second stage of the Asian Cup qualifiers, will justifiably advance to the Asian Cup finals, but because of the host ball The team's identity no longer exists, so affected by the international ranking falling to 10th in Asia, they can only participate in next year's Asian Cup as a second or even third team.

  According to the kick-off plan (final draft) reported by the Chinese Football Association to the higher-level sports management department on May 16, the new season of the Chinese Super League is scheduled to start on June 3.

The FIFA and AFC calendars show that the latest international match day cycle will be scheduled from May 30 to June 14, which means that the national football team will not arrange training camps and competitions during this cycle.

  According to the competition plan, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Football Federation preparatory team are expected to arrange 5 rounds of the FA Cup main match or professional league in September. Therefore, affected by this, the national football team may not arrange training and competitions during the international match day cycle of the month.

Before the Qatar World Cup kicks off, there are only two international competition days left this year. Therefore, with the U23 national football team confirming to go to Japan to participate in the East Asia Cup, the national men's football team is likely to have no more competition tasks this year.

  It is inappropriate for the national football team to have "headless dragons"

  But for a national team, it is not normal to have no training or competition for more than half a year.

As of now, the AFC has no plans to change the season of the competition, except to confirm the relocation of the 2023 Asian Cup.

After the end of the Qatar World Preliminary Tournament, the Chinese team objectively needs to undergo a renewal.

Even if the team cannot implement the international warm-up match in the short term due to objective factors such as the epidemic, it still needs necessary preparation plans.

In this case, whether Li Xiaopeng's team should stay or retire needs to make a clear statement as soon as possible.

  On May 16, some media reported that "the national football team will most likely choose a new head coach".

However, at present, the Chinese Football Association has not received such confirmation information.

It should be noted that the appointment of Li Xiaopeng's team was implemented under the leadership of the national football "Leadership Working Group" led by the sports management department, so even if the coaching change is confirmed, it needs to be implemented by the team management through strict procedures.

From this perspective, the decision-making power around this matter does not lie with the Chinese Football Association, or the Chinese Football Association is also waiting.

  To stay in office or to leave office, there is no definite answer yet

  It is understood that when the team management chose Li Xiaopeng, it was clear that under normal circumstances, the national football team would not change coaches in a short period of time.

  However, as of now, the team management has not given an exact statement on the issue of Li Xiaopeng leaving or staying.

Li Xiaopeng has not even received the notice of "reporting the last 4 rounds of the top 12 leading work".

In other words, Li Xiaopeng himself has no definite answer as to whether he should stay in office or leave office.

Strictly speaking, Li Xiaopeng is still the coach of the national football team, so should he continue to prepare for the next stage of the team's preparations?


  Luo Guofu returns to Pakistan and gets the first chance

  In the sixth round of the Brazilian Football League that ended in the early morning of May 16th, Beijing time, Mineiro America visited the Cotto Pereira Stadium and lost 0-1 to Coritiba.

Luo Guofu, a naturalized Chinese player who played for the visiting team, made his debut and was substituted in the 62nd minute.

This is also Luo Guofu's first start on behalf of the new club after returning to Brazilian professional football.

  In the fifth round of the Ba Liga match on May 8, Beijing time, Mineiro America once defeated Atletico Mineiro 2-1 away.

Luo Guofu and Hulk, who played for the two teams respectively, achieved an alternative gathering in this game.

Sadly, both failed to score.

In the game, Luo Guofu didn't make his debut on the bench for the first time on behalf of Mineiro America until the 57th minute.

  After recent hard training, Luo Guofu's physical and mental state has reached the starting standard.

In the 6th round of the Brazilian League, which kicked off at 4:30 a.m. on the 16th, Beijing time, Luo Guofu played on behalf of the Mineiro Americas team as the starter.

  With Nacimento's goal before half-time, Coritiba won the game 1-0.

Luo Guofu was substituted by Nacentes in the 62nd minute.

In the last round, it was this gentleman who was replaced by Luo Guofu.

  Although he did not score a goal, Luo Guofu was more active in running and created some offensive opportunities in the more than one hour of playing time.

Being able to get a starting chance in the second game of returning to the Brazilian League, Luo Guofu's state has indeed improved significantly, and he himself also expects the "first goal" to arrive early.

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