Professional basketball star Hoon Heo enlisted in Sangmu.

He has announced that he will return to a more mature form and keep his promise to win.

Correspondent Kim Hyung-yeol.


Heo Hoon cheerfully expressed his feelings about enlistment, and then

[Heo Hoon/Sangmu Enlistment: For the first time since the freshman year of Yongsan High School, he is half-socked, and he is entering the game in front of 30,000 to 40,000 spectators. Excitement(I feel it)]

[Heo Jae: I do various things] Although I am

awkward with short hair,

[Heo Hoon/Sangmu Enlistment: My hair suddenly disappeared.


This isn't what I was thinking... Ah!

My head]

trembled in a gentle way.

[Heo Hoon/Sangmu Enlistment: Can’t you put your bangs up?

With wax..]

Heo Hoon, who received a lot of love from fans for his outstanding skills, who won the regular league MVP two years ago with his excellent sense of entertainment,

said his only regret was that he did not keep his promise to win.

[Heo Hoon/Sangmu Enlistment: Even after going to the army, there is still a lot of basketball life left, so I have to try again (to win).]

Heo Hoon, who entered the training center with his father, who is called the basketball president, and his brother Heo Woong, who is the representative shooter of KBL, sent off him. ,

[Heo Woong/DB Guard: Come out in 2 years and let’s shine KBL again together!]

[Heo Jae: I hope he comes back without injury (military life) well!]

For the next 1 year and 6 months, he will play as Sangmu and roam the courts in the professional 2nd team league.

[Heo Hoon/Sangmu Enlistment: I will come back as a more mature and genuine man, so you must never forget me.


(Video coverage: Gong Jin-goo, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Ban So-hee)