The 2022 Tongyou Cup Badminton Team Tournament ended in Bangkok yesterday. As a traditional powerhouse, the Chinese team missed two trophies at the same time after 26 years.

The women's team lost in the final and failed to defend their title.

The men's team stopped in the first round of the knockout round, and also failed to achieve the established goal of "strive for the top four".

  Compared with winning one championship and one runner-up in the Tangyu Cup competition held in Aarhus, Denmark, seven months ago, the national feather soldiers have obviously less courage to fight on the field.

This is not the first time Guoyu has "paid tuition" in a competition, and it will not be the last.

Looking forward to the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, if Guoyu wants to achieve another success, he must throw away the historical burden and embark on the road of entrepreneurship again.

  The women's team rookie has not passed the psychological barrier

  In this competition, the Chinese women's team made every effort to have the main force, the lineup was neat, and the goal was to defend the title.

Before the final, the team did not lose a set and performed strongly.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, also admitted frankly when summarizing after the game: We are determined to win the You Cup.

  However, in the face of the "Shocker" South Korea, from winning the cup to defending the Chinese team, the pressure in the final is obviously different from the previous session.

Between the two teams, the Chinese team has an overwhelming advantage in terms of historical results and past games, and the records in each position are also superior.

Under such circumstances, the Korean team has been aggressively attacking from beginning to end, and the morale is pressing. On the other hand, the Chinese team has several players looking forward and backward, unable to let go.

  In the three lost sets, the "Fanchen" combination lost to the world's second-ranked Li Shaoxi/Shin Seung-chan.

Women's doubles rookie Li Wenmei and singles rookie Wang Zhiyi did not play their due level. They hesitated to take action on the court, their tactical execution was not firm enough, and their psychological quality in the face of tough battles had not yet passed the test.

  This is competitive sports. Technical and tactical level and physical ability are only necessary but not sufficient conditions for winning.

Four years ago, the 20-year-old Chen Yufei also suffered a tragic loss in her first match in the Jupiter Cup. After years of ups and downs, she achieved the general style and champion temperament of being able to focus on herself at all times.

The Chinese women's team is still a young team, no matter Li Wenmei, Wang Zhiyi or other newcomers who are expected to hit the Paris Olympics, they still lack real experience.

This loss, in addition to bringing regrets and self-blame, should become an indispensable lesson in their growth.

  Men's team software and hardware are not available

  Different from the women's team's mentality and performance, the men's team has no hardware and software: there is no famous player in charge, and the strength is already far from the strong team, and the quarter-finals did not reflect the struggle of "bare feet are not afraid of wearing shoes" Momentum.

Stopping in the top 8 "tie" the team's worst record since participating in the competition, proving that the Chinese men's team has fallen to a low point.

  The Chinese team is only the No. 7 seed this time, and should give it a shot in the face of a strong enemy.

In the final round of the group stage, facing the European powerhouse Denmark, the team's performance was very encouraging.

In this five-set battle, no matter whether they win or lose, the boys are full of energy and put down their burdens to attack their opponents.

Facing the world's No. 1 Olympic champion, An Sailong, Lu Guangzu acted decisively with high fighting spirit, showing the momentum of "dare to win without fear of losing", and took on the responsibility of "leading brother" in the team competition.

  However, in the knockout round, facing the defending champion and top-seeded Indonesian team with strong overall strength, several players of the Chinese team were dull and disorganized most of the time. , did not play the best level of competition.

As Zhang Jun said, the men's team should learn from Chen Yufei's tenacious will and fighting spirit.

  In the post-match summary, Zhang Jun said that although the Chinese men's team is still in the transition between the old and the new, most of the young players have experienced some competitions and should speed up their growth.

He also highlighted the men's singles, saying that the team urgently needs a high-level new generation to appear, and revealed that the men's singles coaching staff will adjust to the current problems.

  Our reporter Wang Xiaoxiao