The captains of the four teams in the semi-finals talked about their enthusiasm ahead of the rugby and league one playoff tournament starting on the 21st of this month.

In League One, which started this season, the top four teams that will advance to the playoff tournament in the league match have been confirmed, and in the semifinals starting on the 21st of this month, 1st place Suntory and 4th place Toshiba will be Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi Osaka City, Osaka. So, on the 22nd, 2nd place Panasonic and 3rd place Kubota will play against each other at the Chichibu Palace Rugby Stadium.

On the 16th, the captains of four teams participated in a talk event in Tokyo before the semi-final and talked about their enthusiasm for the match.

Suntory Ryoto Nakamura "The finish of the team is good"

Suntory player Ryoto Nakamura said, "I've been practicing well and the finish as a team is good. I want to collide as a team."

Also, regarding the fact that the opponent Toshiba is also based in Fuchu City, Tokyo and becomes "Fuchu Derby", "This battle has a long history, and we inherit the thoughts from our seniors and have special feelings. I'm losing the battle, so I want to revenge. "

Toshiba Takahiro Ogawa "Whether you have a strong desire to win"

Takahiro Ogawa of Toshiba said, "We are confident that we will get results in the rugby that we are trying to do in the latter half of the league match. Toshiba's strength is aggressive defense and attack that widely uses the ground, but when it comes to this point, skill I don't think it's ok, but I think it's whether I have a strong desire to win. I think that feeling comes out when the bodies hit each other. "

As for Fuchu Derby, he was enthusiastic, "I'm looking forward to doing derby at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka. I want to beat Suntory firmly."

Panasonic Atsushi Sakate "Unifying everyone's feelings"

Panasonic's Atsushi Sakate said, "Our strength is to take the ball from the defense that comes out in front and connect it to the score, and I want to put it out in the next game. This season," prepare well "for the game." As a team, I've been working on that, so I'd like to continue to unite everyone's feelings this week and make good preparations. "

Kubota Harumichi Tatekawa "I want to fight as a team"

Kubota's Harumichi Tatekawa said, "I feel that the team as a whole has been raised this season. The team's strength is a large forward, but Bucks can also try even when the position is not well positioned. While fighting for the champion, I can't become the champion unless I win the semi-finals, so I'd like to prepare well for the past week and fight as a team. "