The final round of the men's golf tournament in the United States was held in Texas on the 15th, and Hideki Matsuyama, who came out of 18th place, greatly improved his score and came in 3rd place, 2 strokes behind the lead.

Matsuyama has participated in the tournament since last month's Masters Tournament, and started the final round in 18th place, 7 strokes behind the lead.

Matsuyama had a good shot and took birdies in 2nd and 3rd, then took 4 consecutive birdies from 5th and increased the score by 6 in the first half alone, and temporarily took the lead.

In the second half, after taking three birdies, he hit the bogey for the first time at No. 16, but at the final No. 18, he took the eagle with the second shot from the fairway near the pin.

Matsuyama went around the final round with one eagle, nine birdies, and one bogey, and on this day alone he increased his score by 10 and was third with a total of 24 unders, two strokes behind the lead.

South Korea ’s Lee Kyung-hoon increased his score by nine and won the tournament for the second time in a row with a total of 26 unders, winning his second tour.