As a result of a survey conducted by the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association on the annual salary of professional baseball players, it was found that the average annual salary of this year was 43.12 million yen, a record high.

The annual salary of professional baseball players has been investigated by the Players Association every year since 1980, and this was done for 721 people excluding foreign players.

As a result, the average annual salary of the players of the 12 teams was 43.12 million yen, which was 1.38 million yen compared to last year, an increase of 3.3%, a record high.

By league, the Pacific League was 45.45 million yen and the Central League was 40.74 million yen.

By team, Softbank ranked first for three consecutive years at ¥ 70.2 million, Giants ranked second at ¥ 66.32 million, and Rakuten ranked third at ¥ 60.35 million, making the top three teams the same for three consecutive years.

At the bottom is Nippon-Ham, which has a free contract with three players who have acquired the rights of FA = free agent, which was 28.17 million yen, which is 8.63 million yen less than last year.

For the first time, the Players Association has announced the median annual salary of each team.

The average of all teams was 15 million yen, and the first place was Giants and DeNA at 20 million yen.

Rakuten, which had an average annual salary of 3rd place, was 11th with 11.5 million yen, and Nippon-Ham was the lowest with 10 million yen.

Tadahito Mori, the secretary general of the players' association, said, "Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the average annual salary is the highest ever even though the team management is difficult. I want to be able to do it. "