The Blackpool striker came out as gay in an open letter published on Sky Sports News.

He thus became the first British men's professional footballer to do so.

- It's time to do it now.

I feel that I am ready to tell my story, I want people to know the real me and lying all the time is not what I want to do, he says.

"Hated it"

Daniels is at the start of his career, only 17 years old, and is fighting for playing time in Blackpool, which is housed in the second highest league in English top football.

- I have hated lying all my life and feel that I need to fit in.

There are people who are in similar situations to me who may not feel comfortable being open about their sexuality.

I just want to tell them that you do not have to change who you are, or how you should be, to fit in, he says in a message published on the club's website.

The only openly gay men's soccer player at the elite level who plays in a high-profile is the Australian Josh Cavallo who came out in October 2021.