The Swedish biathlon national team has just started training for the coming season.

On Saturday, the team traveled home after a training camp in Crete.

- A rather abrupt awakened again.

It is a lot of training pain and you are generally tender, but a good way to kick start again, says Mona Brorsson to SVT Sport.

When SVT Sport reaches Brorsson on the way home from the training camp, she says that she has chosen to make adjustments in her training plan.

Quality more important

- I actually started already last year by changing the training a bit and responded incredibly well to it.

It's about continuing to explore that path.

What do the adjustments mean?

- It is a little different strength training.

I do not train so much heavy strength training now.

I usually call it the "retirement program", when you have passed 30 then you have to start stepping down, Brorsson laughs and continues:

- There are a few fewer hours and more focus on higher quality and on recovery.

Maybe more rest between workouts and more focus on taking care of the body, it must hold and must endure the training in a different way now.

Stability and mobility are now a priority.

- It can be quite easy exercises where you talk about angles and balance.

- I have trained a lot for many years now, I do not need that amount in the same way anymore but it is more important to focus on quality.

Served as a motivation booster

For 32-year-old Brorsson, the 2021/22 season included both Olympic gold in relay and the first podium of his career in the World Cup.

For her, the changes in the training approach have worked as a motivation booster.

- I feel that this is completely right and that this is what I need.

The body is not constant all the time, it needs new grips to continue to develop.

However, she emphasizes that the training right now is reminiscent of that of her teammates.

- On the whole, I follow a type of ground plan.

It's not that I do completely differently to everyone else.

Now there is a lot for everyone.

It is mostly when the season begins to approach that there may be greater differences.

There it becomes more important to be a little fresh and rested.