Men's competition was held at the NHK Cup gymnastics, which also served as the representative selection for the world championship, and Daiki Hashimoto won the championship for the second time in a row.

As a result of the tournament, in addition to Hashimoto, who had already been unofficially decided, Yuya Kamoto in 2nd place and Ryosuke Doi in 3rd place were selected as representatives of the world championship.

The NHK Cup for gymnastics was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, as a representative selection for the World Championships, and was carried over from last month's All Japan Championship scores.

Hashimoto, who won the All Japan Championship, made a mistake in falling on the pommel horse in the second task, but in the fourth vault, he scored a high score of 14.900 by deciding the big skill "Lopez".

Even with the 5th parallel bars, I put together a beautiful performance that extended to the tips of my limbs and marked 14.766.

However, in the last event, the horizontal bar, which was his specialty, he failed to fall twice, leaving a problem such as reaching the 12-point range.

Even so, Hashimoto had a total score of 257.793 with the All Japan Championship, and won the championship for the second time in a row with a difference of one point or more from the second-placed player.

Kamimoto, who was second in the All Japan Championship, showed stable performance in all the events, such as marking the 15-point range with the fifth parallel bars, and was second with 256.428 in total with the All Japan Championship.

Doi, who has a total of 255.995 with the All Japan Championship, came in 3rd.

As a result, Hashimoto, 2nd place Kamimoto, and 3rd place Doi, who had already been unofficially decided to represent the World Championships to be held in England from October, were selected.

There are five Japanese national teams in the world championships, and the remaining two will be selected based on the results of the All Japan Championships next month.