Sumo Summer Basho is on the 8th day of the middle day.

The two-defeated yokozuna Terunofuji is the best match for Takanosho, who has a strong sense of push sumo.

The summer place has not been won after the 7th day, and the yokozuna Terunofuji has lost 2 in the yokozuna Ozeki team.

On the 15th of the middle day, Terunofuji will play against Takanosho Nobuaki, who has the characteristic of push sumo.

Terunofuji has won 6-2 in the match record, but Terunofuji at the current location is suffering from a push sumo wrestling and is suffering 2 losses.

Terunofuji wants to stand up and assemble without hitting the opponent and bring it to the development of four sumo wrestling to overwhelm the opponent.

As Takanosho's victory, I would like to raise the upper body of the yokozuna in a standing position and lower it, and then continue to attack with push sumo to find a chance.

Veterans are doing well so far at this place, with 1 loss and 35-year-old Aoiyama with Wakamotoharu, 1 loss with 35-year-old Sadanoumi with Ichiyamamoto, and 2 losses with 37-year-old Tamawashi with Shosaru. I will play.