The English League Cup final became a giant drama almost three months ago.

In the end, Liverpool won against Chelsea after a total of 22 penalties.

Several chances

Tonight, when it was time for the FA Cup final with the same team, there were penalties again - after 120 goalless minutes.

Both teams had then missed several really good chances.

And this time too Liverpool got to celebrate.

Chelsea penalty in the post

It looked dark for Chelsea early in the penalty shootout, when team captain César Azpilicueta missed the team's second penalty.

After that, all the players put their staffs, until Sadio Mané stepped forward to add Liverpool's fifth penalty.

If it had gone in goal, Liverpool would have won.

Decided in the seventh round

But he did not.

Édouard Mendy saved - and there were knockout rounds.

In the first round, both teams set their penalties.

But in the next round, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker saved the weak penalty from Mason Mount, and Kostas Tsimikas got the chance to decide for Liverpool.

Decided via the post

And he did.

He set the penalty, via the left post, and the rest of Liverpool's team could run forward and celebrate the FA Cup title.

Worrying for Liverpool, who have the chance to win both the Champions League and the Premier League, was that both Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk were forced to leave.

Salah already after half an hour, when he took care of the groin.

van Dijk before the extension, it is unclear why.

But he had not been replaced a single time earlier this season, so that it was due to an injury is not entirely unthinkable.