Sochaux Dijon for the end of the season, at the Auguste-Bonal stadium.

The two teams failed to decide in this meeting.

Final score: 2 to 2. Weissbeck scored twice, marking the match with his good performance.

To counter Garande's 3-4-3, with a Scheidler-Le Bihan duo in attack, Daf lined up his Sochaux team in the usual 4-3-3.

Weissbeck gave his team a great start to the first half.

From the 2nd minute of play and on a service from Mauricio, he deceived the vigilance of the Dijon goalkeeper.

At the break, each team returned to the locker room with a score of 1-0.

He proved his dazzling form by scoring another goal in the 51st.

However, the Reds came back into the game when, in the 58th minute, Le Bihan scored.

Dijon avoided defeat thanks to the goal of Philippoteaux in the 79th.

The referee released a card for Traoré.

  Sochaux therefore ends this Ligue 1 season in 5th position, and Dijon in position.  

 Sochaux and Dijon: the next matches 

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 The match in brief: line-ups, goals and refereeing 

Sochaux - Dijon: 2-2 (1-0 at halftime)

In Sochaux (Auguste-Bonal stadium), May 14, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Dijon coach: Patrice Garande

Composition of Dijon: Baptiste Reynet (30), Bruno Ecuele Manga (25) [then Zargo Toure in the 46th], Ahmad Toure Ngouyamsa Nounchili (19), Senou Coulibaly (5), Daniel Congré (3), Adama Fofana (2) , Jessy Pi (26) [then Cheick Omar Traoré at 70th], Romain Philippoteaux (22), Valentin Jacob (11) [then Mattéo Ahlinvi at 89th], Aurélien Scheidler (21), Mickaël Le Bihan (8)

Sochaux coach: Omar Daf

Composition of Sochaux: Maxence Prévot (16), Valentin Henry (29), Ismail Aaneba (22), Florentin Pogba (19), Abdallah N'Dour (4) [then Marvin Senaya in the 77th], Gaëtan Weissbeck (28), Aldo Kalulu (15) [then Yann Kitala in 76th], Younès Kaabouni (10) [then Joseph-Romeric Lopy in 62nd], Tony Mauricio (7), Ousseynou Thioune (6) [then Rassoul Ndiaye in 62nd], Alan Virginius (26) [then Maxime Do Couto Teixeira in the 66th] 

Goals: Weissbeck (2nd), Weissbeck (51st), Le Bihan (58th), Philippoteaux (79th)

Warnings: Traoré (87th) for Dijon

No players expelled

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