On May 9, local time, the 74-year-old Italian coach and former Chinese coach Lippi reviewed a series of interesting events during his coaching period during his speech at a university in Rome.

He explained the background and reasons why he accepted the invitation of Evergrande Club and decided to teach in China.

  Lippi said: "In my coaching career, I have won many trophies. But believe me, there is nothing like the joy of winning a World Cup, and the satisfaction is irreplaceable. What a Champions League, The Serie A title, nothing compares to it. Bringing the World Cup trophy to the Italians feels unique and meaningful."

  "Silver Fox" also recalled: "There were Italian fans who came outside our hotel in Germany and cried and asked us to bring them such an exciting time. In the end, we did it, and it felt great. In tournaments, luck is also needed. We avoided some very strong countries."

  For leading the Italian team to win the championship, the coach still can't hide his excitement.

He said, "They did it and we laughed. It's an essential element for a winning team. It's not enough to have a strong technical tactic, it needs that kind of unity. The best The coach may not be the most capable, but the best team player."

  Regarding coming to China to coach, Lippi explained: "I have won everything that can be won, and I feel that I have not been able to make good use of it at an economic level. I should do this in my coaching career. So, after The other side made multiple offers and I finally accepted. On the last call, if I declined, they would hire Hiddink, so I asked them how much they would pay Hiddink, and they said 10 million euros per year. At that moment, I said: 'Well, you can also come to Milan and talk to me in detail.' Later, I did lead the team to win the AFC Champions League, which is an honor that a Chinese club has never won before."

  Text/Reporter Xiao Xun