10 days ago, when the well-known Italian agent Raiola died of illness, the outside world was speculating that such a sudden change might affect the transfer of his signed players.

However, just 10 days later, a number of European media reported that the post-00 star Haaland, who is currently playing in the Bundesliga Dortmund, has basically been determined to join Manchester City, and the "Blue Moon" will officially announce the deal as soon as this week.

In fact, the news about his transfer has been out for a while, but what I didn't expect is that this time from the rumor to the actual hammer, his "transfer drama" ended so quickly.

  Every summer, the European transfer market is a stage for each team and each agent team to show their abilities. It can be said that every performance is very exciting.

According to previous media reports, this summer's "big fish" include many people including Haaland, Mbappe and Pogba. The most interesting of them is undoubtedly the Norwegian genius.

From the previous rumors that Real Madrid might introduce him to Manchester City taking the lead in this battle, it is not difficult to see that as a post-00 generation, he is very popular with the top European giants, and it is only a matter of time before he leaves Dortmund.

  However, things did not seem to go as smoothly as expected, especially after Haaland's agent Raiola passed away due to illness, the outside world believed that there might be changes in this transfer, such as the risk of delay or even cancellation.

However, the progress in the past few hours shows that Haaland's deal has not been affected too much by this matter, and it has continued to advance and is basically about to be completed with the strong support of Manchester City's top management.

I have to say that this quick battle of "Blue Moon" really played beautifully.

  Many media confirmed that Haaland has passed the Manchester City medical examination, and his joining is only to be officially announced.

According to media reports, the total cost of Manchester City's introduction of Haaland this time is at least 200 million euros.

Among them, his contract penalty is about 75 million euros (some say 60 million euros), and Manchester City gave him a 5-year contract with an annual salary of 30 million euros. Such a salary level will be the first in the "Blue Moon" team. .

Once Haaland is confirmed to the team, Manchester City's weakest "center" link will be greatly strengthened.

The current owner of the No. 9 jersey, Brazilian striker Jesus, may have to consider his future. After all, after Haaland arrives in the team, his playing position will be further moved back.

At present, he is only the main force in rotation. When the Norwegian arrives, he will be completely reduced to a substitute. This is definitely not good news for Jesus, who wants to secure a seat in the Brazilian national team.

  With Haaland joining Manchester City almost a foregone conclusion, the European transfer market will officially kick off, and this year is indeed a little earlier than in previous years.

After giving up Haaland, Real Madrid targeted Mbappe.

According to multiple media reports, the "Galaxy Battleship" looks very likely to win the French in the near future.

  Text / Our reporter Zhang Kunlong