On the evening of July 30, 2021, the Tokyo Olympics table tennis men's singles final ushered in a "civil war" for Chinese players.

In the end, Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong 4:2 and successfully defended the championship.

The picture shows Malone in a heart-shaped pose after the game.

  China News Service Client, Beijing, May 11. In order to recognize the cities that have made outstanding contributions to the Chinese sports delegation at the Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee recently awarded Anshan City, Liaoning Province, the "City of Olympic Champions" commemorative trophy.

As an athlete from Anshan City, national table tennis player Ma Long also sent blessings to his hometown through a video.

  Ma Long said: "I hope Anshan can cultivate more outstanding sports talents in the future, polish the brand of 'Olympic Champion City', accelerate the construction of a strong sports city, and contribute to the realization of Anshan's comprehensive revitalization and revitalization."

  Up to now, Anshan has won 16 Olympic gold medals with 11 people, becoming the city with the most gold medals among the prefecture-level cities in the country.

Jiang Ying, Song Nina, Guo Yue, Li Xiaoxia, Ma Long, Liu Yang, weightlifting Li Wenwen, Xu Mengtao and other Olympic champions are all from Anshan.

Among them, Ma Long won a total of 5 Olympic gold medals.