Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels attended the award ceremony of the American League MVP = Best Player last season before the match on the 10th and received a commemorative relief.

The ceremony was held at Angel Stadium, home of Anaheim, California, before the Raise match on the 10th, and the table placed on the ground was the MVP and Commissioner's Special Awards awarded by Otani last season, as well as the Silver Slugger Award. Such trophies were lined up.

Of these, when the MVP commemorative relief was handed over to Otani by the Angels Moreno owner, the fans raised the MVP call, and Otani responded by wearing a hat.

Otani did not give a speech, but he smiled happily at the commemorative photo with Ippei Mizuhara, an interpreter, and Trout, a teammate who has won the MVP three times.

The MVP award ceremony was originally scheduled to take place in New York in January, but this time it was canceled due to the lockout of the Major League Baseball and the re-expansion of the new Corona infection. It was held by the Angels.

Also, on this day, a swinging doll with Shohei Ohtani as a motif was distributed to the visiting fans at the award ceremony.

The dolls were designed with Otani holding a bat standing on the relief of the MVP, and 25,000 dolls were prepared, and many fans packed the stadium.