Professional baseball Orix announced that two players and one staff member, including pitcher Atsushi Nomi, who also serves as a coach, have been infected with the new coronavirus.

Orix announced the infection of 3 athletes on the 9th, and the number of athletes confirmed to be infected in the last 3 days is 5.

According to the baseball team, the infection of the new corona was confirmed by a total of three players, including two players and one staff member, pitcher Atsushi Nomi and pitcher Koki Saito.

The three people had no symptoms in the PCR test of the new corona conducted on the 10th, and they are being treated away from the team.

Pitcher Nomi is 42 years old, the oldest in the team in his 18th year as a professional.

He is also a pitcher and coach, but he hasn't pitched in one army so far this season.

Orix announced on the 9th that three athletes, including Masataka Yoshida, who plays a central role in the batting line, have been infected, and five athletes have been confirmed infected in the last three days.