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As a result of SBS coverage, it was revealed that the Korea Sports Association, a directly superior organization, suffered from the manipulation of the Korean Gymnastics Association (Chairman Seong-hee Han).

The Korean Sports Council conducted a project called <Support for the First Steps in Sports Youth Society> for a total of 33 months from April 2019 to December 2021.

The main goal was to provide 50% of the total labor cost during the period when an affiliated sports organization hires a new full-time employee.

The remaining 50% was to be borne by the sports organization.

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The official letter sent by the Korea Sports Council to the Korean Gymnastics Association shows the number of people eligible for support in 2019 and the amount of support.

What is important here is that it is specified as 'limited to full- time new employees

hired by member sports organizations through an open recruitment process during 2019


This implies that the Korea Sports Association will not support the hiring of contract employees.

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However, in the document titled <Recruitment of office staff (open call)> published by the Korean Gymnastics Association in March 2019, there

is a phrase that says , 'However,

whether or not to be converted to a full-time employee at the end of the period will be evaluated and confirmed at the end of the period'.

In other words, based on the time of recruitment (April 2019), we will select contract workers, not regular employees.

According to the conditions originally proposed by the Korea Sports Association, subsidies can be paid only when new regular employees are recruited.

How could this be possible?

An official from the Korea Sports Association, who is in charge of related work, said:


If you look at the official letter sent by the Korean Gymnastics Association to the Sports Council, the contract period for the two new employees was not written on it, so they thought they were full-time employees and approved the hiring. I didn't know about the association's new employee recruitment documents three years ago, but I only found out about it recently


In a word, the Korea Sports Association was also deceived by the tricks of the Gymnastics Association.

The two employees who joined as contract workers in 2019 have now all left the Korea Gymnastics Association.

They filed a complaint with the Korean Sports Association as well as the Sports Ethics Center, demanding a fact-finding investigation, claiming that their rights were being trampled upon.

Their argument is as follows.


<Support for the first step in society for youth at sports> is a government subsidy support project that can only hire regular workers.

However, the Korean Gymnastics Association falsely reported to the chairman, POSCO E&C, that it was an intern support project.

In addition, he clearly did not pay the transportation expenses specified in the job advertisement.

At first, I had to post an announcement and hire a full-time employee, but I was not able to receive 150,000 won a month for transportation expenses, which was paid to all other employees, because of my weakness as a contract worker.

This transportation cost is a fixed salary so that there is a separate breakdown of transportation expenses on the pay stubs of other employees.

In addition, despite frequent overtime and holiday work after joining the company, I did not receive any holiday pay in 2019, severance pay was paid 1-2 months late, and I did not receive late interest.

In addition, although it has been more than two months since retirement, I did not receive annual allowances for years 21 and 22, and despite the fact that I can check all the details of annual leave used for internal intranet payment, the Gymnastics Association claims that the annual leave has been exhausted and that annual allowance cannot be paid. You're talking


. "

An official of the Korean Gymnastics Association explained this to the revelations of two employees who worked at the Gymnastics Association


Since the Korea Sports Council's business is limited to three years and only 50% of the labor cost is supported, it was burdensome to select full-time employees from the beginning.

So, at first, he was hired as a contract worker, but after three years, he was evaluated and converted to a full-time employee.

It is true that the transportation expenses stated in the official document were not paid.

The former secretary-general said, "I'll give it to you later," and got here after wasting time.

The rest of the requirements will be addressed as soon as possible


Some competition groups applied to participate in the Korea Sports Council's <First Step Support for Sports Youth Society> project, while others did not apply at all. Organizations that applied like the Korea Weightlifting Federation Of course, they selected new full-time employees. Organizations that did not feel the need to hire or found insufficient subsidies did not participate in the project.

However, the Korean Gymnastics Association did not select full-time employees even after applying for the project. After sending a contract that did not specify the length of the contract as if it were hiring a full-time employee, in the end, we succeeded in getting approval, which is absolutely against the rules.

This was not enough, and they did not pay even the transportation expenses listed in the official document they announced, using various excuses.

The two employees, who entered the gymnastics association with bloated dreams, left the association only hurt by the abnormal tyranny of the association, which did not fit the business purpose of <supporting the first steps in the youth society>.

The Korea Sports Council and the Sports Ethics Center are aware of this incident and are conducting an extensive investigation.

Prior to taking action by higher-level institutions, the Korean Gymnastics Association should reflect on its past mistakes and tricks and end the relationship as soon as possible.