Wei He, Deputy Director of the Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

  In 2023, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will host the first National Student (Youth) Games (hereinafter referred to as "Student Youth Association"), which is a major historical opportunity for the development of sports in Guangxi, especially youth sports.

The Autonomous Region Sports Bureau thoroughly implements the deployment requirements of the State Sports General Administration, the Party Committee and the government of the autonomous region, strengthens the organization, leadership and investment in youth sports work by means of the preparation of the Youth League, and continuously consolidates the foundation and guarantee for development, and promotes youth sports to achieve new progress and innovation. a new situation.

  Take advantage of the Youth Association to strengthen top-level design and improve the youth sports policy mechanism.

To develop youth sports, system construction is fundamental.

The Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region took the opportunity of preparing for the Youth Association to actively strive for the Party Committee and the government of the Autonomous Region to issue several opinions on the reform of the sports system and mechanism, and the action plan for strong sports districts. The assessment is included in the scope of the inspection work of the party committee and government of the autonomous region.

Establish a working mechanism and pattern for sports, education, development and reform, finance, human resources and social affairs, editorial offices and other departments at all levels to collaborate to promote youth sports.

In recent years, the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and relevant departments have issued dozens of policy documents such as deepening the integration of sports and education, school physical education teachers and venue equipment construction actions, and physical health management of primary and secondary school students, and innovatively formulated incentive methods for the delivery of sports reserve talents and incentive performance wages. Hundreds of athletes and their families, coaches and training units benefit from the guidance and the school's implementation of sports coach positions.

Various localities have also innovated supporting measures to guide and motivate kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and families to attach importance to physical education and training, and send a large number of reserve talents to sports schools at all levels every year, activating youth sports work in grassroots areas.

  Take advantage of the Youth League to strengthen the integration of resources and broaden the investment channels for youth sports.

To develop youth sports, funding is the key.

The Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region, with the help of the Youth Association, coordinates all resources and guides all forces to invest in youth sports.

In terms of financial support, starting with the implementation of the project to strengthen the foundation of sports schools, we will promote the establishment of special guidance funds for the construction of sports schools in the autonomous region's finances, and include the construction of sports schools in the rural revitalization plan. Since 2019, the autonomous region, city and county have invested more than 2 billion yuan. Yuan, a large number of grass-roots sports schools were built, renovated and expanded.

At present, there are 89 sports schools in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with normal training and a certain number of people, an increase of 5.5 times compared with 2015.

In terms of social investment, market forces such as enterprises and social organizations are guided to carry out youth sports training, training, competition organization and the construction of high-level sports teams. There are 71 sports schools and traditional sports schools in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The Sports Bureau and the enterprise jointly built the Guangxi youth equestrian team, boxing echelon, etc. The enterprise invested in the venue, formed the team, hired the coach, etc. In less than three years, it has won many gold medals in domestic and foreign competitions.

  Take advantage of the Youth Association to strengthen the integration of sports and education, and expand the youth sports front organization.

In the development of youth sports, the integration of sports and education is the core, and youth sports organizations and guidance teams play a key role.

The Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region took the opportunity of organizing the Youth Association to strengthen the construction of sports schools, schools and social organizations at all levels.

This year, the Joint Education Department issued the "Guangxi Sports and Education Integration Demonstration City and Demonstration Counties (Cities, Districts) Creation Implementation Plan (Trial)", the first batch of which supported 5 districted cities and 14 counties (cities, districts). Encourage schools at all levels and all types to offer physical education classes at all levels, and establish a joint establishment mechanism between sports schools at all levels and primary and secondary schools. All 89 sports schools in the region have achieved pairing cooperation with 114 middle schools and 114 primary schools, allowing coaches to Physical education and training in primary and secondary schools have been institutionalized, and it has become normal for students to receive professional sports guidance nearby.

At present, under the guidance and support of the General Administration of Sports, the Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region is accelerating the construction of an international gymnastics youth training center, innovating and cultivating 10 small highlands for competitive sports talents, consolidating and upgrading 8 national and 27 autonomous region-level sports reserve talent bases, and laying out points for construction. There are more than 500 schools with traditional sports projects at the autonomous region level, more than 800 schools and demonstration schools with the characteristics of youth campus football, and more than 130 kindergartens with the characteristics of national football. Deepen the integration of sports and education.

  Take advantage of the Youth Association to strengthen hardware construction and enrich youth sports venues and facilities.

To develop youth sports, the supply of facilities is the foundation.

The Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region, with the help of the Youth Association, promotes the construction of sports venues around the masses and young people. In recent years, more than 20,000 sports venues have been built in the region, including more than 1,300 new football fields, more than 5,000 basketball courts, and 15 urban communities. The minute fitness circle is basically formed.

In this year's Youth Association, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has built, continued, repaired and renovated a total of 42 competition venues, of which 6 are located in colleges and universities and 8 are arranged in counties (districts). The comprehensive utilization of the system, and the maximum consideration for the sports and fitness services for the masses and young people after the game.

  Take advantage of the Youth Association to strengthen the promotion of events and activate youth sports events.

The development of youth sports is supported by events.

The Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region, in conjunction with the Education, the Communist Youth League, etc., has formulated an implementation plan for youth sports activities in Guangxi. With the Youth League as the lead, it will create a more complete and sustainable four-level competition system for universities, high schools, junior high schools and primary schools, and increase the organization of sports school events. Carry out school sports activities.

Every year, through government purchase of services and other means, it supports localities, schools, sports enterprises and organizations to hold more than 30 youth championships in the region, organizes nearly 40 sports school cup competitions, and creates the "Thousand Mile Cup" campus football league, "Running? Youth" Children and youth themed fitness activities include Guangxi Parent-Child Games, primary and secondary school sports inter-school leagues, sports public welfare classrooms and other brand activities. Every year, more than 500 schools and millions of students participate in activities online and offline.

To promote the youth association to enter the campus and the community, 80 sessions of the youth association sports open classes have been organized.

Attract more young people to participate in sports events and enhance their sense of achievement and happiness in sports.