2022 Tang Uber Cup kicks off in Bangkok,

  the Chinese women's team welcomes the Uber Cup with a good start

  Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Yang Min

  The 2022 Thomas Cup Uber World Badminton Men's and Women's Team Championships kicked off yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Chinese women's team made their Uber Cup debut last night. Guoyu's number one women's singles Chen Yufei led the team to a 5-0 victory over the Australian women's team, ushering in a good start.

The Thomas Cup debut of the Chinese men's team will be staged today against the French men's team.

The Chinese women's team will face the second opponent in the group stage tonight, the Spanish women's team led by the Rio Olympic women's singles champion Marin.

  In this Tangyou Cup, the Chinese women's team competed as the defending champion and was listed as the third seed.

The Chinese men's team fell out of the top four because of their low overall ranking and was listed as the seventh seed.

  There are 16 teams each participating in the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup competition.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, revealed that the women's team's goal is to defend the Uber Cup.

For the Chinese men's team composed of young players, Zhang Jun asked the team to first strive to advance to the semi-finals.

  Chen Qingchen was praised for being more mature

  Although the Chinese women's team is recognized as the favorite to win the Uber Cup this year, Zhang Jun reminded that the more optimistic they are from the outside world, the more vigilant they should be.

He asked the Chinese women's team to be prepared to lose a set or even two sets, and to hold the 1 point they were responsible for when they fell behind.

In October last year, the Chinese women's team achieved a reversal after Chen Yufei lost the first set of singles.

Zhang Jun believes that the two pairs of women's doubles defending in the second and fourth sets are very important. If they can win, it will not only reduce the pressure on women's singles, but also stabilize the Uber Cup.

Chen Qingchen from Guangdong and his partner Jia Yifan are the country's top women's doubles players. They fought hard against their Japanese opponents for nearly 120 minutes in last year's final and scored 1 point.

Zhang Jun emphasized that if the singles play is not as good as the ideal, then the doubles will play a key role in the outcome.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan became more and more mature, and their performance on the field became more and more stable.

  In the No. 2 women's doubles position, Guo Yu chose two new pairs, Du Yue/Li Wenmei and Zheng Yu/Zhang Shuxian. The coaching staff also brought mixed doubles Olympic champion Huang Dongping.

She has a unique style of play, belongs to the "all-match" player, and will play a role as a surprise soldier at critical moments.

In the group stage, the top priority of the national feather coaching staff is to find the most suitable No. 2 women's doubles.

  The Japanese women's team continues to be regarded as the strongest opponent of the Chinese women's team on the road to defending the title.

Zhang Jun believes that the team's overall strength in singles and doubles is no less than that of the Chinese women's team. The number one singles Akane Yamaguchi has just risen to the top in the world, and the number three singles Takahashi Saya is an offensive player. If the game is dragged into a decisive victory The side that is good at attacking tends to have an advantage.

  Chen Yufei's condition has picked up

  In last night's Uber Cup debut, facing the overall strength of the Australian women's team, the Chinese women's team did not arrange the top women's doubles Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan to appear.

Tokyo Olympic women's singles champion Chen Yufei took the lead, beating her opponent Chen Xuanyu 2-0.

In the second set of women's doubles competition, Guoyu's new combination Zheng Yu/Zhang Shuxian defeated their opponents Zhong Huiqi/Angela.

He Bingjiao played in the third set of the women's singles match. She defeated her opponent Luisa in straight sets and scored the third point to seal the victory.

In the fourth set of women's doubles and the fifth set of women's singles, Du Yue/Li Wenmei and Zhang Yiman each contributed 1 point to complete the 5-0 debut result for the Chinese women's team.

  The real challenge for the Chinese women's team will start from the knockout round, and for Chen Yufei, the number one women's singles team, her challenge begins in the second round of the group stage, because the Spanish women's team and the Chinese Taipei women's team in the same group have once entered the women's singles world. The first Marin and Tai Tzu Ying.

The biggest highlight of the group stage is the contest between the three world women's single sisters.

  Chen Yufei has experienced ups and downs after winning the Tokyo Olympics last year.

In order to better prepare for the Tongyu Cup, she did not participate in the Asian Championships held in the Philippines in late April.

Zhang Jun revealed that after this period of systematic training, her state has rebounded, and she has enough confidence to fight her opponent, which can also increase her chances of winning.