Professional baseball Chunichi announced that it has been confirmed that Takaya Ishikawa and Takuya Kinoshita, who have hit the team's most five home runs so far, have been infected with the new coronavirus.

On the 9th, Chunichi canceled the registration of Kinoshita's army, saying that the infection of catcher Kinoshita was confirmed by the PCR test of the new corona, which is regularly conducted for all players and team members.

In response to this, a PCR test was conducted again for all team members, and it was found that Ishikawa, who started in all games as a third player this season, was infected in the third year.

Ishikawa has scored 19 RBIs on 5 home runs at the top of the team, and Kinoshita has 2 home runs on 13 RBIs, supporting the hitting team of Chunichi this season.

The team says that no infection has been confirmed other than the two, and that the three consecutive battles with Yakult to be held at Jingu Baseball Stadium from the 10th will be held as planned, but it is severe due to the absence of two players towing the batting line. It is expected that we will be forced to fight.

The Chunichi baseball team commented, "We will continue to respond according to the instructions of medical institutions and health centers under our jurisdiction. We will continue to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures and continue team activities."