An accident occurred in which the cable of the NHK TV camera, which was broadcasting the 10,000-meter Japanese championship on land on the night of the 7th, touched the athlete.

NHK will make efforts to prevent recurrence, saying, "We take it seriously that it should not be and apologize to everyone involved."

The 10,000-meter Japanese Championship on land was held at the National Stadium in Tokyo on the night of the 7th.

According to the Japan Association of Athletics Federations and NHK, after the top athletes in the two men's teams finished, the NHK relay camera crew who was in the field entered the track, so it was put on the neck of another athlete in the race. In addition to being hit by the cable, there were effects such as multiple athletes running away from the cable and photographers.

The player who hit the cable has a pain in the neck, so he will be examined in detail in the future.

NHK said, "We take it seriously that it shouldn't happen, and we apologize to the players themselves, their teams, and everyone involved in the tournament. We will thoroughly check the facts and take thorough measures to prevent recurrence." is.

On the other hand, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations says, "We would like to confirm the cause and circumstances and take measures to prevent recurrence so that the same thing will not happen again."