In the early morning of May 6th, Beijing time, the traditional Scottish giants Grass Rovers defeated the Bundesliga powerhouse Leipzig Red Bull 3-1 in the second round of the Europa League semi-finals and advanced to the final with a total score of 3-2.

Van Bronckhorst, the head coach who led Rangers to the European final for the first time in 14 years, is an "acquaintance" of the Chinese Super League. In the 2020 season, he coached Guangzhou City.

Not only Fan Shuai, after the end of the "Golden Yuan Football" era of the Chinese Super League, the old people of the Chinese Super League are writing a new chapter in their careers.

  The old Chinese Super League coach has made great achievements in European competitions

  With a 0-1 loss in the first round, Grasse Rovers completed the reversal in the second round and defeated Leipzig Red Bull 3-1 to advance to the Europa League final.

It was the first time in 14 years that it entered the European finals again, bringing the old Scottish powerhouse, which had experienced bankruptcy and relegation and returned to the top league, to nirvana. Leading the team to complete the feat was Van Bronckhorst, who was the head coach of the Chinese Super League Guangzhou City in the 2020 season. .

The Dutchman, who only took over for Rangers in December, described the scene in front of him: "You couldn't have written a better comeback script than this."

  Affected by the epidemic, the Chinese Super League will adopt a closed game system in 2020. After the season, Van Bronckhorst, who has not been able to meet his family for nearly a year, tendered his resignation to the club.

The Dutch coach who returned to Europe led the Rangers to make a gorgeous turn. In the early morning of May 19th, Beijing time, they will compete with the Bundesliga Frankfurt in the Europa League final.

  Another former Guangzhou City coach has also written a good chapter. As Van Bronckhorst's predecessor, Stojkovic will be the head coach of the Serbian national team in March 2021.

In November of the same year, in the final round of Group A in the European Region of the World Preliminaries, he led Serbia to a 2-1 lore against Portugal and directly advanced to the 2022 Qatar World Cup as the first in the group. The "beautiful football" is still Stojkovic. the goal that is pursued.

  In addition to Bilic still out of work, the other two former coaches of Beijing Guoan are continuing their journey-after leading PSV Eindhoven to defeat Ajax to win the Dutch Cup, Schmidt will usher in a new challenge. Coached the Portuguese team Benfica this season; Rennes, who is coached by Genesio, currently ranks third in the Ligue 1 standings, and his stable coaching performance has made Genesio selected as the best player in Ligue 1 this season announced by the French Professional Players Union. Coach Candidate List.

  This season's Pakistani League is the stage for the old people of the Chinese Super League. The former Shanghai Port coach Pereira is currently the coach of Corinthians, and Paul Sosa, who coached Tianjin Quanjian, led Flamengo.

  Cruyff, who bid farewell to the Shenzhen team in June 2021, is now the technical secretary of the Barcelona club; Dalian coach Benitez, who had the "biggest coach" in the Chinese Super League a few years ago, returned to the Premier League in June last year, but he is still in the process of returning to the Premier League. Due to his poor record, he was sacked from Everton in January this year.

  The old Chinese Super League will gather in Bajia Super League

  The big-name foreign players of the former Chinese Super League are now scattered in different leagues. The Pakistani League, which is called "suitable for nostalgic Chinese Super League" by Chinese fans, brings together nearly 20 stars who used to ride in the Chinese arena.

Corinthians led by Pereira have Paulinho, Augusto, Gil, Guedes, Ruo and Morais and many other Chinese Super League veterans; Miranda and Eder play for Sao Paulo; Hulk is Miner The core of athletics.

  In addition, many naturalized players have also returned to Brazil. The team that Luo Guofu joined is Mineiro America; Goulart played for Santos, but Goulart, who has been on the bench in recent rounds, is a little unhappy, thinking that the new coach Bustos The 442 formation adopted limits his performance; Exxon has made his debut in the Brazilian second team Gremio.

  In addition to the Brazilian league, the Turkish Super League has the most old Chinese Super League players.

The Trabzonspor sports team that regained the Turkish Super League championship after a lapse of 38 years includes Hamsik (former foreign aid from Dalian), Evra (former foreign aid for Wuhan team), and Gervinho (former foreign aid for Hebei team) 3 A veteran of the Chinese Super League.

Teixeira, the "brain" of the Jiangsu team in the past, was not happy after joining Besiktas. Due to injuries, his state and statistics disappointed the club.

The former Beijing Guoan foreign aid Fernando has played his own value in Antalya Sports. So far, he has represented the team 14 times, including 13 starts, contributing 4 goals and 3 assists.

Another former Guoan foreign aid, Jin Minzai, played a key role in Fenerbahce, ranking second in the Turkish Super League player interception list and seventh in the clearance list.

  The highlights of the "Golden Yuan Football" era of the Chinese Super League are long gone, and Chinese fans can only look for memory fragments of the former Chinese Super League in different stadiums.

  Beijing News reporter Zhou Xiao