It was at the Stade du Hainaut that Sochaux faced VAFC, during the confrontation counting for the penultimate day of Ligue 2. Sochaux suffered a defeat against VAFC with a score of 1 to 0. Daf organized his team in a balanced 4-2-3-1, with Lopy at the forefront.

In opposition, Delmotte played his Valenciennes squad in 3-4-2-1, with Bonnet at the forefront.

The first half was played without a goal being scored.

After opening the scoring in the 50th minute, Bonnet and his team held on to the result and won by the narrowest of margins.

This meeting between the two teams was tense.

Ndiaye received a yellow card, as did Henry, Cuffaut, Ntim, Kitala and Robail.

Following this match, the VAFC temporarily retains its 16th position, ahead of Rodez.

The defeat of Sochaux makes the club lose a place, the Sochaux players therefore fall temporarily to 5th place.

 VAFC and Sochaux: the next matches 

For its next match, the VAFC will face Niort at the René-Gaillard stadium on May 14 at 7 p.m.

For its part, Sochaux will meet Dijon the same day during the same evening, at the Auguste-Bonal stadium.

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 The match sheet: line-ups, goals and refereeing 

VAFC - Sochaux: 1-0 (0-0 at halftime)

In Valenciennes (Hainaut Stadium), May 7, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Sochaux coach: Omar Daf

Composition of Sochaux: Maxence Prévot (16), Valentin Henry (29), Ismail Aaneba (22), Christophe Diedhiou (18), Abdallah N'Dour (4), Gaëtan Weissbeck (28), Aldo Kalulu (15), Rassoul Ndiaye (14) [then Yann Kitala in 61st], Maxime Do Couto Teixeira (11) [then Alan Virginius in 61st], Joseph-Romeric Lopy (8) [then Younès Kaabouni in 78th], Tony Mauricio (7) [ then Steve Ambri at the 78th]

VAFC coach: Christophe Delmotte

Composition of the VAFC: Lucas Chevalier (30), Quentin Lecoeuche (28), Mathieu Debuchy (26) [then Eric Vandenabeele in 69th], Emmanuel Ntim (25), Allan Linguet (24) [then Laurent Dos Santos in 82nd] , Joeffrey Cuffaut (14), Mohamed Kaba (21), Julien Masson (6), Ilyes Hamache (20), Ugo Bonnet (12) [then Baptiste Guillaume in the 82nd], Gaëtan Robail (9) 

Goals: Bonnet (50th)

Warnings: Ntim (39th), Cuffaut (54th), Robail (81st) for VAFC, Ndiaye (36th), Henry (52nd), Kitala (92nd) for Sochaux

No players expelled

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