, Beijing, May 7th. Recently, the WNBA New York Liberty officially announced the new season player list, and the name of Chinese player Han Xu was listed.

It is reported that Han Xu will go to the United States on April 9th, and will have personal training from 11th to 16th. She will start to participate in the preseason training camp of the WNBA New York Liberty on the 17th. She will also participate in the new WNBA league season starting in early May. debut.

  Han Xu was selected by the New York Liberty as early as 2019 and signed a 3+1 rookie contract. After the experience of the 2019-20 season, Han Xu has improved significantly. Before the three-year contract expires, the New York Liberty The team chose to use the priority to renew the contract, hoping that Han Xu would continue to play for the team, which is enough to show that the team attaches great importance to Han Xu.

This also shows that in the new WNBA season in the near future, we will also see Chinese players again.

Image source: Han Xu Weibo.

  Cai Chongxin, owner of WNBA New York Liberty and NBA Brooklyn Nets, welcomed Han Xu's return to the team.

"We are very happy that Han Xu has returned this season. Through training at home and abroad, Han Xu has made rapid progress. The entire Liberty team is very excited about her return and is looking forward to her performance this season." Cai Chongxin said. .

  As the main player of the Chinese women's basketball team, Han Xu has gained rich experience in the league and national teams in the past two years. In the Women's Basketball World Cup qualifier held in February, Han Xu helped the Chinese women's basketball team to win the third round. She advanced to the Women's Basketball World Cup with a complete victory, and her personal performance has also been highly recognized.

In the future, the important goal of the Chinese women's basketball team is to achieve good results in the Paris Olympics. In order to complete this task, players need to go to a higher platform to experience.

And Han Xu himself has also expressed his desire to study in the United States before, and strive to help the Chinese women's basketball team return to the top.

  Therefore, after the Chinese women's basketball team returned from Serbia to be released from isolation, Han Xu went to the United States non-stop to follow the team for systematic training.

It is reported that the training intensity of the New York Liberty team is very strong. From 10:00 to 11:00 every morning, the players are divided into two groups for strength training and personal technical training; from 11:00 to 12:30, they conduct tactical drills for the whole team and learn both offensive and defensive ends. Details and cooperation; from 12:30 to 1:00, there will be a five-on-five teaching competition with the male sparring athletes.

  In addition, Han Xu will conduct an hour of shooting training and basic technical training under the leadership of the assistant coach every day before the team starts training.

Judging from his performance in the pre-season training camp, Han Xu integrated into the team well.

  After two years away from the WNBA, Han Xu cherishes this hard-won opportunity.

"Thank you for the support of the Chinese Basketball Association, which gave me the opportunity to fight for my country, and also helped me realize my desire to fight in the WNBA. I will definitely live up to everyone's expectations, continue to learn advanced concepts and technologies here, and constantly improve myself. High standards require myself to do my best to achieve better results for the Chinese women's basketball team in the future. As long as the country needs it, I will definitely go all out."

Image source: Han Xu Weibo.

  And Han Xu's parent team, Sichuan Yuanda Meile Women's Basketball Team, also published an article praising Han Xu's excellent performance in helping the team win the WCBA runner-up last season, and also strongly supported Han Xu's trip to the United States.

"Last season, the Sichuan Yuanda Merlot women's basketball team made history, and I personally won the 'regular season MVP'. It was the coaching team's meticulous advice and the selfless cooperation of my teammates that helped me grow better in the league. I look forward to our next season. Good results." Han Xu said.

  After more than two years, Han Xu finally stood on the stage of the WNBA again.

Going abroad to experience and win glory for the country, I hope that the young Han Xu will show his demeanor in foreign countries and continue to grow.