On the evening of the elimination in the round of 16 in "hell" at the Santiago Bernabéu, everything seemed to be complete regarding Kylian Mbappé.

PSG's new early exit from the Champions League, caused by a fishtail from Karim Benzema, whose three fin strokes sent Parisian ambitions into the abyss, was one too many.

The club of the capital did not have the stature to assume the devouring ambition of its major player, it was understood for everyone, even the most loyal supporters, and we did not see how it could not be the same. for the interested party.

And yet…

Le Parisien

revealed on Thursday evening that the player would be very close to signing up for two more seasons (plus one as an option), further rejecting the idea of ​​wearing the Real Madrid jersey.

A perspective that carries its share of questions, of course.

What did PSG offer him?

Let's talk numbers first.

Le Parisien speaks of an annual net salary of 50 million euros, supplemented by a loyalty bonus of 100 million net of taxes.

Delusional sums, only achieved in history by Lionel Messi when he resigned to Barça at the height of his glory, with five Golden Balls and four Champions League in his personal showcase.

At 23, Mbappé is not there yet.

But this is the trajectory that everyone predicts for him, and Prince Al-Thani could not imagine the World Cup in the country without a Parisian Mbappé.

To achieve this end, all means were good.

But it is not only on the financial ground that this affair is being played out.

How did PSG manage to catch up?

If Fayza Lamary recalled on Twitter that there was "no agreement in principle with Paris Saint-Germain", the capital club is in any case well and truly back in the race.

Already a feat, as not much was going in the direction of an extension.

The player already wanted to leave last summer, and it's not like the current season could convince him that the club has grown.

Nasser and Leonardo brought him Messi to have fun with him and Neymar, of course, but the addition of talents does not mean a coherent sporting project.

The Parisians have rarely impressed the gallery this season, and have experienced worrying air pockets, until the new European disillusionment.

After Madrid, PSG left with three lengths behind in the file.

The confidence displayed by Leonardo – “I think we still have good possibilities of extending it, I believe in it” – did not convince many people, but the tenacity of the leaders ended up paying off.

And Mbappé, little by little, got closer, speaking in particular at the beginning of April of "new elements, new parameters that must be taken into account".

There is no agreement in principle with Paris Saint-Germain (or any other club).

Discussions around Kylian's future continue in a climate of great serenity to allow him to make the best choice, with respect for all parties https://t.co/VHMTOENct1

— lamari fayza (@FayzaLamari) May 5, 2022

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The meetings between the player's family and the Qatari owners in April in Doha weigh heavily.

Beyond the blank check granted for the salary, the leaders have according to

Le Parisien

given guarantees on a profound overhaul at the level of the sports management, the workforce and especially the general mentality within the club.

And acceded to the requests of the Mbappé family on the question of image rights, which we now know is very important for the Bondynois.

What could end up motivating Mbappé?

He has never hidden it, Kylian Mbappé is committed to leaving an indelible mark in the history books.

And he can do it at PSG.

The young padawan became a Jedi master there, relegating Neymar and Messi to the rank of assistants.

In Paris, he is the number 1, the most regular, the most efficient, and the one who must lead the club to its first Champions League.

Mbappé knows well that this is a unique opportunity to be canonized for good, even more so if he becomes PSG's all-time top scorer.

He currently has 167 pawns, against 200 for Cavani.

"Of course being the top scorer in the history of PSG, you can't spit on it," he said in February after equaling Ibrahimovic's 156 goals.

It has always been my goal to leave a trace in people's memories,

whether statistical or in visual memory, giving emotions.


Speaking of which, it's hard not to mention the 2024 Paris Olympics. Mbappé, who already wanted to be in Tokyo, made it clear he didn't want to miss this moment.

He has most certainly included in the possible deal an authorization to participate in the tournament, which will encroach somewhat on the start of the season.

And if PSG said yes to him, that necessarily weighed in the balance.

What could be more beautiful for a boy born in Seine-Saint-Denis, who has become a PSG legend, than to defend the colors of his country, in his city, at the Olympics?

How was the information received in Madrid?

The best defense is attack.

Marca quickly drew a short statement from Fayza Lamary in the evening, in addition to his reaction on Twitter, in which the player's mother assures that Real "remains the first option".

The Madrid daily adds that at the club, "maximum tranquility" is always in order.

And overall, it's all of Madrid that continues to think that the Frenchman can't escape him.

So, ball in the center?

In any case, the information from the


did not prevent Josep Pedrerol and his crazy Chiringuito team from continuing their countdown until the signing of the world champion.

"Tick tock, tick tock".


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