Professional baseball and Rakuten defeated Orix 3-2 at Kyocera Dome Osaka on the night of the 6th, setting a new record for eight consecutive victories.

Rakuten, the leader of the Pacific League, recorded the fourth consecutive victory since 2013, when it won the first victory over Nippon-Ham on the 5th.

On the 6th, he played against Orix, who was in 4th place at Kyocera Dome Osaka, and took the lead in the 6th solo home run for 2 consecutive games by No. 3 and Hideto Asamura.

After that, it was reversed, but in the 8th inning to chase 1 point, it caught up with the tie with the timely three-base hit of No. 1 and Haruki Nishikawa from the 2nd third base, and in the 9th inning, the 6th and Daichi Suzuki's first in this season. I won a home run.

Rakuten won a come-from-behind victory 3 to 2 and extended the winning streak, which has continued since the 26th of last month, to a new record for the team, "8".

Rakuten coach Kazuhisa Ishii said about the eight consecutive wins, "It is most important to play the game in front of you. You can see your feet without looking far."